Abu Garcia Revo SX: Is It The Best Baitcasting Reel From The Brand?

Undoubtedly, all the baitcasting reels from Abu Garcia are topnotch and miles better than “the rest.” So, we understand if you’re an ardent follower of the brand. And because of your passion, you want the best baitcaster?

You want to know if you should stick to Abu Garcia Revo SX, or maybe try Revo X, or even Black Max, Which one of the baitcasters is the best?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer because the Abu Garcia lineup contains over 30 baitcasters. And they all differ in features and performance. So, what then?

Instead of finding the best Abu Garcia baitcaster, how about we find the right one for your angling trips and budget?

Good news: we reduced the 30+ Abu Garcia baitcasters to just 5 – the best of the lot. Check them out below!

The Top 5 Abu Garcia Baitcasting Reel

Best Abu Garcia Baitcaster For Beginners: Black Max

After testing several Abu Garcia baitcasters (low-profile and round models), we give it up for Black Max. It is the most beginner-friendly of the lot. But beyond the ease of use, this reel is incredibly cheap – it costs below $50.

Despite the affordability, Black Max is attractive. The mains are designed with graphite, and the gear parts are brass finishes. Overall, you will have a perfect and beautiful graphite-brass combo.

Thanks to the graphite component, this baitcaster is light. Weighing below 10 ounces, Black Max is the perfect reel for travels.

On the other hand, the brass component of Black Max makes it a durable baitcaster. Summarily, you will enjoy the beauty and the beast, literally.

However, you should know that Black Max uses MagTrax magnetic brakes. Unfortunately, MagTrax is not exactly backlash-proof. But with practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Also, Black Max uses a regular clutch system. As such, you need both your hands to attach and detach your spools. In other words, you can’t pull off flipping or pitching.

Best Abu Garcia Baitcaster For Slow And Medium Gear Ratios: Revo X

Revo X is twice the price of Black Max but still affordable for its features. It is more durable than Black Max, thanks to its aluminum makeup. The aluminum component also adds to Black Max’s resistance to warping under pressure.

Talking about features: this baitcaster is the best for slow and medium gear ratios. It covers everything from 5.4:1 to 7.3:1.

Like the gear ratios, Revo X also has a flexible retrieve rate. In particular, you can enjoy between 22” to 33” per each turning of the reel’s handle. And thanks to its 8 stainless ball bearings, you’ll retrieve your game smoothly.

In essence, you can use this baitcaster for virtually any casting technique. Why virtually? Revo X doesn’t do well with high-speed applications.

In addition to the high-speed application deficiency, Revo X doesn’t come with a dual braking system. Meaning: you might experience a bit of backlash. But it reduces with time and constant practice.

Fastest Abu Garcia Baitcaster: Revo Rocket

Revo Rocket lives up to its name; it has the highest gear ratio at 10.1:1. And that is leagues above the acclaimed “fastest baitcasting reel in the world” KastKing Speed Demon that has 9.3:1.

And the best part: despite the speed capabilities of Revo Rocket, its retrieval speed is smooth. At 41” per turn, this baitcaster retrieval rate is incredible. Yet, it comes with 11 ball bearings.

Now, combine the gear ratios, speed capabilities, retrieval rate, and the ball bearings. Can you guess what you’ll have for your angling trip? Let’s help you!

What you get with Revo Rocket is a baitcaster built for high-speed applications. It is the perfect reel for quick long-distance casting, and it will allow you to retrieve your lures just as fast.

But how does Revo Rocket cope with backlashes? Is it durable?

Unlike Black Max and Revo X, Revo Rocket has a dual braking system. Thanks to that, rest assured that you’ll experience no backlash as long you have a firm hold on your reel.

About durability, Revo Rocket parts are made with aluminum and stainless steel. In other words, it can withstand rough conditions and last you for its money’s worth.

Best Lightweight Abu Garcia Baitcaster: Revo EXD

The first and evident quality of Revo EXD is its weight – the baitcaster weighs below 7 ounces. And although it is not the lightest baitcasting reel, it is the best when you consider its outstanding features.

Talking about features, the standout one for Revo EXD is its EXD ball bearings. Ordinarily, the baitcaster has 11 balls. Yet, it comes with additional two EXD balls. Together, that makes the ball bearings 13 – that’s even more than Revo Rocket.

In other words, Revo EXD can pass as another fast baitcaster. But it has an edge on Revo Rocket: the EXD balls. How so?

EXD (Extra Casting Distance) ball bearings don’t just enable long casting. They also improve spool rotation with a “frictionless spool” design. That’s why you’ll find the balls on your spool shaft.

In essence, the design of Revo EXD achieves long-distance casting by improving spool rotation while you cast. In the process, your lines will move smoothly with no backlash.

Unfortunately, you won’t get a retrieval rate like Rocket with EXD. But don’t fret; you can still expect a range of 23″ to 35″. In other words, this baitcaster can work for hunting slow, medium, and fast games.

However, there is one sideline to Revo EXD. It has a left-hand orientation. As such, it might not be straightforward to use for a right-handed individual.


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Best Low-profile Abu Garcia Baitcaster: Revo SX

If you want a mid-range Abu Garcia baitcaster that meets speed, long cast, and retrieval rate requirements, Revo SX is the best. This baitcasting reel ticks all the boxes; let’s give you the specific details!

For starters, you won’t experience backlash when using Revo SX. It comes with a world-class dual braking system: the Infini.

Furthermore, Revo SX has a handful of ball bearings and gear ratios. For the former, it is only one ball shy of Revo Rocket. Meaning, you can use this baitcaster for long casting too.

The most outstanding feature yet of Revo SX is its drag limit. Unlike other Abu Garcia baitcasters, this reel can drag up to 25lb of weight. Funnily, it weighs under 10 ounces.

Note: Revo SX has a right-hand orientation.



To answer the question if Abu Garcia Revo SX is the best baitcaster of the brand, no, it is not. But if you want a reel that ticks all features, it is a perfect choice.

However, if you want an Abu Garcia baitcaster for specific purposes, you need to look further. For example, if you want the best lightweight reel, Revo EXD should be your go-to guy.

We hope we’ve answered your question now!

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