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Abu Garcia Revo SX

Review Last Updated: May 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Instant Anti Reverse
  • C6 Carbon Sideplates
  • 9 + 1 Steel Ball Bearings


Today I’m going to be reviewing the Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile, Fishing Reel.

Abu Garcia is well known in the world of fishing for producing top quality rods and reels and other fishing tackle, and the Abu Garcia Revo SX reel is no different.

The Revo SX is a premium reel and the build quality is superb, offering anglers a top of the line performance this baitcasting reel really does not disappoint.

Abu Garcia says the fourth-generation Revo SX delivers the most durable and powerful high performance yet.

Precision engineered to provide to deliver power and performance the Abu Garcia Revo SX has an upgraded brake system that provides smooth engagement and magnificent casting performance.

Many anglers have noted the powerful drag that the Revo SX provides and how smooth and consistent the drag is across the entire drag range.

The frame of the reel is remarkably lightweight yet is very strong and durable, this is down to its alloy frame, a truly great bit of tackle.


  • Strong and durable reel
  • Oversize PVC knobs allow for more control and leverage
  • Infini brake system


  • High price tag

Abu Garcia Revo SX Product Review


  • 9 + 1 Steel Ball Bearings
  • C6 Carbon Sideplates
  • Instant Anti-Reverse Feature

The Abu Garcia Revo SX low profile baitcasting reel benefits from the X2 – Craftic alloy frame that provides a very strong but incredibly lightweight frame, that has a rigid base for high drag pressures, and increased corrosion resistance.

With an extended 90 millimeter handle that has oversized PVC knobs which gives the angler more leverage and allows you to fish for longer, and more comfortably throughout the day.

Another great feature of the Abu Garcia Revo SX is Power stack Carbon Matrix Drag System which evens out the pressure across the entire drag range which allows for a very smooth experience, the Revo Sx has a maximum of up to 24lb, enough to tag yourself the big prize-winning fish.

Fitted with the Infini brake system, the Revo SX has a combination of a centrifugal brake that controls the first half of the case and a magnetic brake that controls the second half of the case.

This amazing dual brake system is great because it allows for a wide range of adjustments, which means it can suit any style and is perfect for those who like to switch it up a little.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX features don’t just stop there, the Infini II spool design allows it to handle very extreme loads which is great news for us anglers, it also greatly improves the castability.

Another top feature of the Abu Garcia Revo SX is the DuraClutch design which greatly increases durability.

The DuraClutch also helps to reduce thumb bar resistance when you are casting heavy baits, meaning improved engagement with the turn of the handle.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX also has 9 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller ball bearing that allows for a very smooth retrieve and super-smooth castability.

Overall I have got to say the Abu Garcia Revo SX is a pretty amazing baitcasting reel and is definitely worth the money.


So, would I recommend the Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcasting reel?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this amazing reel, it really does give you bang for your buck.

It is lightweight and still remains very strong which is great for any angler.

The Infini brake system is also something that is noteworthy combining, a centrifugal brake with a magnetic break to bring you a top-level performance.

So I can say with conviction that you should definitely purchase this reel and give it a try on your next fishing trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Abu Garcia Revo SX, and if you did I would encourage you to give it a like and share it.
Happy Fishing!

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