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Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

Review Last Updated: March 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry


Today we'll be reviewing the Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Great design
  • Storage trays are dividable and carefully laid out to fit your organizing needs
  • Has lots of space to store your camping tools
  • Durable construction
  • Offers two well made front latches


  • Can feel heavy when loaded

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System Product Review

The Plano 7771 offers lots of storage space and protection for your fishing and camping tackle! This sizeable and stable box includes 5 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes and three removable bait racks with separate access for an efficient and easy organization of your equipment.

The Plano 771 tackle box has a durable construction and a comfortable molded handle for easy carrying during the hike from the car to the water. Not only is this tackle box perfect for storing bait, line, and reels, it’s also great for carrying other items such as cooking equipment.

If you like to fish during all seasons for multiple breeds of fish, this box offers storage for various types of weights, lures, hooks, and baits, which is perfect if you prefer not to switch tackle boxes at the start of every season. Despite the number of containers, this box is still mobile.

Due to the large size of this box, it can get quite heavy when full. Therefore, this isn’t the tackle box for you if you’re trekking quite a distance to your fishing hole on foot.

However, if you’re only walking a short distance, this tackle box is perfect for you!

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