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Best Fishing Tackle Box

Last Updated: March 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry

Organization, whether you’re on or off the bank, is the key difference to whether you’re going to experience success or failure. If you know where all of your tackle is, and it’s easy to access, then you can make the most of all the pieces that you’ve invested in.

The best fishing tackle box caters to a multitude of angling disciplines. Whether you’re seeking a box that’s saltwater resistant which is perfect for sea fishing or a compact box to store your lures before an upcoming predator trip, there’s a tackle box out there for everyone.

If you’re new to fishing, your tackle box should provide you with various storage options, with enough space to store your plastic trays, tools, maps, and licenses. The best part is that you won’t need to break the bank to find the best fishing tackle box for you.

We’ve reviewed five fishing tackle boxes and included our in-depth buyers guide to help you make the right purchase!

Our Reviews

Flambeau Outdoors 6382TB

The Flambeau Outdoors 6382TB offers mini-storage in eight trays with six removable dividers that offer plenty of compartments for your angler supplies. The tip-guard tray supports prevent this box from falling over when you extend its shelves.

Measuring only 1lb, this tackle box provides a flip-top lid accessory compartment in addition to the stacked trays. The drawtite latch keeps your tackle safe, contributing to its sturdiness and great construction. Additionally, the friendly price point makes this little box useful for non-angler storage purposes.

Although it’s on the small side, the well-thought-out layout makes up for what it lacks in dimensions. The Flambeau Outdoors 6382TB has increased base storage, so even though it looks small, this tackle box can carry a lot more than anticipated.

Additionally, the excellent design provides access to fishing accessories with the help of the flip-top lid accessory compartment.


  • Flip-top lid
  • Durable construction with a large storage volume
  • Includes eight tray compartments and six removable dividers
  • Great gift for child anglers
  • Drawtite latch


  • A great choice for sporadic use but not sturdy enough for a regular hobby

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box

Angler enthusiasts who are seeking a durable and reliable tackle box will enjoy the Plano 1374 and its 4-rack system. This box is one of the strongest on the market, thanks to its robust construction and materials.

The Plano 1374 holds the right amount of lures, baits, hooks, and lines, and the weatherproof material and design will protect your equipment from the elements, leaving them in top condition.

The simple design easily opens and closes and is easy to move around thanks to its compact nature and portability. This durable box resists damage from falls, impacts, bangs, and scrapes.

This tackle box also makes a great medical kit! There’s space for more substantial items in the top, such as ace bandages and 2-inch surgical tape. The translucent drawers have configurable dividers with individual lids. There’s a small area in the lid for everyday items such as antibiotic ointment, band-aids, and alcohol prep pads. The drawers are deep enough to store a forehead thermometer and a glucose test kit.


  • Waterproof and weatherproof case
  • Great size and weight
  • Doubles as a great medical kit
  • Roomy
  • Easy to use


  • Can feel heavy when fully loaded

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

The Plano 7771 offers lots of storage space and protection for your fishing and camping tackle! This sizeable and stable box includes 5 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes and three removable bait racks with separate access for an efficient and easy organization of your equipment.

The Plano 771 tackle box has a durable construction and a comfortable molded handle for easy carrying during the hike from the car to the water. Not only is this tackle box perfect for storing bait, line, and reels, it’s also great for carrying other items such as cooking equipment.

If you like to fish during all seasons for multiple breeds of fish, this box offers storage for various types of weights, lures, hooks, and baits, which is perfect if you prefer not to switch tackle boxes at the start of every season. Despite the number of containers, this box is still mobile.

Due to the large size of this box, it can get quite heavy when full. Therefore, this isn’t the tackle box for you if you’re trekking quite a distance to your fishing hole on foot.

However, if you’re only walking a short distance, this tackle box is perfect for you!


  • Great design
  • Storage trays are dividable and carefully laid out to fit your organizing needs
  • Has lots of space to store your camping tools
  • Durable construction
  • Offers two well made front latches


  • Can feel heavy when loaded

Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a seasoned professional that’s looking for an additional box to store their tackle, Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box is an excellent choice.

This simple solution is budget-friendly and the brand, Plano, is recognizable for its build quality and ability to create a simple tackle box that’s built to last.

The cantilever design is great for making the most of its internal space and the three trays provide 22 to 34 compartments. The two top access storage areas have a brass bailed latch and collapsible handle for easy carrying and storage.

The two trays installed on a cantilever system helps with the easy organization of all your hooks, lures and baits. The style allows the content of the box to be displayed for quick access and is one of the selling points of this model.

Young anglers will find this tackle box an excellent option for storing their supplies.


  • The storage areas are useful when you need to pick up various small fishing items
  • Great size for carrying around
  • Collapsible handle for sturdiness and storage


  • Some reviewers complain that the trays feel flimsy

RUNCL Fishing Tackle Box

The RUNCL fishing tackle box is designed and constructed to incorporate a robust and thick frame than other similar boxes. The RUNCL box has heavy-duty secure-locking latches to ensure that your lure and terminal tackle are always secure and safe.

The 360-degree waterproof casket, made of natural silica gel, keeps any moisture out and the dark brown plastic color prevents the sun from damaging any of the delicate accessories stored inside. The brown color prevents the fading or oxidization of expensive lures and helps to extend the lifespan of your tackle.

The removable dividers allow the angler to customize their storage compartments, while the larger capacity makes this tackle box an excellent management solution for most of your gear, especially bulkier crankbaits, over-sized jigs, and larger swimbaits.


  • Heavy-duty secure locking latches
  • Easy to store in a garage or the trunk of a car
  • Bulk storage area is included for pliers and spools of line
  • Weatherproof


  • Some reviewers complain that the long dividers aren’t repositionable

Best Fishing Tackle Box Features

Walking into any store or shopping online and finding a fishing tackle box is the easy part, finding the best fishing tackle box for you is the hard part! The last thing you need is to spend money on the wrong purchase or waste even more cash seeing a replacement.

The following points are crucial when shopping for your new fishing tackle box;

Water Resistance

It’s important that water doesn’t get inside your tackle box, this is because moisture can eventually lead to mold formation and corrosion on your fishing gear, leaving it completely unsuitable for use.

Most fishing tackle boxes offer some degree of water resistance, however, you should be searching for materials that are as weather-resistant as possible. Hard fishing tackle boxes are often made from durable plastics

It’s important to ensure that the utility trays inside your fishing tackle box have watertight lids. Some boxes come with drainage holes, which increases their durability and period of use.

If you’re an angler that spends days out on the water at a time, spending the extra money for a watertight fishing tackle box is worthwhile expense. Otherwise, you may run the risk of throwing money away and damaging the tackle you’ve spent time and effort collecting.


You’ll need to consider how much space you’ll need for your supplies and tools. How many compartments will you need?

Would you prefer multi-layers or compartments? Some boxes have a mixture of trays and compartments – a variety of storage options to keep you well equipped for your fishing experience.

Some compartments are customizable – you can remove sections and add them for your convenience.

Most tackle boxes have a larger section on the top or bottom for reels, spools, and tools. If you have larger items, check that the box can accommodate them.

If you’re going on a fishing weekend, you’ll probably opt for a bigger box with more space, with ample room to accommodate your equipment.

For shorter fishing trips, or if you’re an occasional angler, you may prefer a smaller box with fewer compartments.


There’s no point purchasing a flimsy tackle box that will break after two uses. Keep in mind the material used – hardened plastics are more resistant to weathering and cracking.

For enhanced longevity, keep your box protected from extreme temperatures. Extreme heat or ice-cold temperatures can weaken the plastic over time, making it fragile and prone to cracking.

The outer box isn’t the only thing you need to consider when it comes to durability. The inside boxes, compartments, and trays should also be stable and not fall apart easily.
Flimsy trays can not only irritate you but can fall out of the holder easier. The last thing you need is your lines, hooks, and bobbers getting mixed up.

It’s also important to ensure the latches and hinges on the box are secure. If they look flimsy or cheap, it’s probably best to stay away.


You must consider how convenient the box is for you. If it’s too big or bulky then it will most likely be a pain to carry around with you.

Smaller, more compact boxes, however, may not be able to hold all of your fishing equipment. Make sure it’s the right size for you while still being portable.

The weight can also affect the convenience of the box. If it’s too heavy for you to carry around with you, then it’s pretty pointless. Make sure the box is suited to your size, strength, and needs.


It can be difficult finding the best fishing tackle box for you and your fishing equipment, but our top pick has to be the Plano 1374.

This box offers enough room for the standard angler, with four 3700 boxes – all of which are interchangeable for your convenience.

The box is also tested for durability, and is made using the highest quality components – so there’s no need to worry about any hinges snapping or boxes falling out. The super durable box should last you a lifetime of angling antics.

Do you agree with our top pick? What do you look for in a fishing tackle box? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to give this article a share.

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