Rooster Tail Lure- A Definitive Guide to Using Spinners the Right Way!

A new generation of anglers is turning towards the most innovative and sought-after vintage fishing gear, i.e., Rooster Tail Lure. These lures have been around for well over 70 years now. The design was originally developed by Howard Worden in 1950. The lure proved to be a disruptor and major hit in the fishing sector. Even since its introduction, the spinner has gained a reputation as one of the world’s most productive, versatile, and dependable fishing lures.

Unlike typical fishing lures, the rooster tail not just makes the target bite but bite really hard. As a result, the chances of the catch’s escape are minimal (in fact, zero). Thanks to the uncanny resemblance with live bait fish like Minnow, Freshwater Shad, etc., the rooster tail easily attracts numerous fish species. The lure enjoys the title of the iconic fishing trend of all time – and for all the right reasons. The best part is that these are super-attractive and yet so budget-friendly that I ended up buying a dozen. (Fun Fact: I just needed a pair). So, if you are reading this buyer’s guide – Beware! The rooster tail lure has so many benefits that you’ll be obsessed with this innovative gear. Sounds Interesting? So, let’s start. 

What Are Rooster Tail Lures Good For?

Rooster Tail Lure- A Definitive Guide to Using Spinners the Right Way!

If you ask, “Are rooster Tails Lures any good?” The answer is most definitely “Yes.” These are the simplest artificial fishing lures, especially for first-time anglers. The lures feature a small treble hook ideal for beginners to help them learn proper hook setting skills. Even a small rooster tail lure is capable of landing a multitude of fish over and over again. Additionally, these lures are reliable, highly durable, and performance-centric.

The best thing is these lures are ridiculously powerful. Additionally, they are efficient enough to land fish 100-150X bigger. From bluegill to trout and hybrid bass, the rooster tail lure works wonders even when other artificial lures fail. Moreover, the 3-way treble hooks give a certain advantage to anglers when it comes to snagging and hooking fish. 

How Do You Use A Rooster Tail For Fishing?

A rooster tail lure is pretty easy to use and doesn’t specifically require any special technique. The tail’s blade spins in the water, causing a retracting light flash. Interestingly, the flash is quite similar to the one produced by live bait fish as they make sudden turns in the water. Additionally, the flash attracts the fish and makes them strike or bite the lure.

Let’s talk about, “What’s the right way to use a Rooster Tail lure?” Honestly, there are so many different methods that work amazingly well.

  • Fishing in deeper waters: If you are fishing in deeper waters, try jerking the lure in a way that it slowly falls to the bottom. Now make another quick jerk and let it fall again. This method works 100% as the fish considers the lure as a dying baitfish and quickly moves towards it.
  • Fishing near the shore: Simply use the cast and retrieval method if you are fishing near the surface. Not only is it super effective, but it gives you more control over the speed.

Always use small swivels when you are using a rooster tail lure. If you use these lures without swivels, you might end up having a twisted fishing line. So, if you want to avoid re-spooling your entire fishing reel with a new line, consider adding swivels. 

Can You Catch Bass With Rooster Tails?

Catching bass is a tough row to hoe, and there’s a good reason for that. Trapping a bass is more of an adventure as they are aggressive eaters, fight well, and can grow to enormous sizes. The good thing is the fish is plentiful across the country. It means you can have a great fishing action if you have all the right fishing gear.

Rooster Tail lures are super helpful when it comes to catching smallmouth or largemouth bass. As we have already discussed, bass eats aggressively, so there are better chances that the fish will bite as soon as you put your lure in the water. No matter if you fish in a river or lake, clean or muddy water, or whatever your level of expertise is, you can never go wrong with these lures. 

Tip: If you are fishing on an overcast day or in muddy waters, consider using a silver or flame red rooster tail lure. It’s because bass generally doesn’t have the best vision. So, a bright color will instantly catch their attention even in poor visibility. In contrast, always use neutral colors and patterns that resemble the live bait if you are fishing in clear waters.

Are Rooster Tails Good for Trout?

For someone who has been in angling for more than a decade, I admit wild trout can give you a tough time. It’s because, in slower waters, they tend to be smart and picky about the lures. Another reason is that they are not found in between the water columns. In fact, the fish lay on the bottom with their mouths facing upward, waiting for prey. Once they see a prey, they dart out and bite it really hard. That’s exactly where rooster tail lures help.  

So, if you are more into trout fishing, you can always choose heavy rooster tails that can reach down the bottom without having the slightest impression of something alien. Besides, you can easily find good lures in the market that amazingly resemble trout’s natural prey. I highly suggest going with gold, silver, red, yellow, and black lures. Moreover, all these hues have a tone and flash that resembles the bait fish’s lateral line. I firmly believe that using a quality rooster tail lure can ensure a successful day on the water and a good catch on your plate.

Good Luck Fishing your favorite fish with Rooster Tail Lure!

And that’s all. Now, you have got everything you need to know about the innovative, iconic fishing lures. Fishing in rivers, ponds, boat docks, or ocean piers has never been this easy, like with Rooster Tail lures. But beware! Low-quality tail lures can cost you money and peace and mind. So, if you don’t want to be disappointed or left with an empty bucket, always invest in high-quality fishing lures.

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