Top 5 Surf Rods Every Angler Needs

To enjoy shoreline fishing, you can’t use conventional rods. They are too short and don’t cast past inshore obstacles. What you need is a surf rod!

Surf rods are long, and as a result, they have long casting distances. More importantly, they are built for shoreline fishing. There’s only one issue, though. That is picking the best surf rod for your angling trip.

Many brands masquerade their surf rods as the best. But they are not. From experience, many so-called durable surf rods break easily at the tiniest wave.

But if you can’t use any surf rod, what product can you trust?

We have gathered the top picks in this article. And rest assured that our list covers all the specifics like action, power, and material.

That said, here is an overview of the products we shall be reviewing:

  • St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod
  • Daiwa Beefstick Surf Rod
  • Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Okuma Cedros Surf CSX Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rod
  • St. Croix Avid Surf Saltwater Spinning Rod


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Top 5 Surf Rods Reviewed


St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod


The St. Croix Triumph is arguably the best lightweight surf rod. It is the perfect combination of sensitivity and durability. That is why it is number 1 on our list.

Above all, what we love most about the Triumph is the two-coat finishing on its blank. Thanks to that, this rod can bend or flex without breaking. In other words, it can cast over a long distance, unlike other surf rods.


  • SCII graphite material – the material enables Triumph to have just the perfect combination of durability and sensitivity. Because of that, you can rely on the rod to cast to long distances and feel the slightest nibble on the attached line.
  • 5-year warranty – despite being a top-class product, Triumph comes with safety assurance. Within the defined period, you can always get repairs or replacements for your rod if the damage isn’t of your doing.


  • Like most graphite rods, the Triumph doesn’t have enough power to hold big games.
  • The quality of the Triumph travel bag can be better.

Daiwa Beefstick Surf Rod

Daiwa Beefstick Surf Rod

If you prefer to hunt large games on the shoreline, you need a fiberglass surf rod. Fortunately, there is none better than Daiwa Beefstick. The clue is already even in the name!

The Beefstick, like the name, is a perfect combo of power, strength, and durability. 

The best part: despite the Beefstick’s material, it is sensitive.


  • Tubular fiberglass – unlike typical carbon fiberglass, the Beefstick material has been tempered. For that reason, it can offer you the best of power and sensitivity when hunting big games.
  • Ease of use – regardless of your experience with shoreline fishing, you don’t need a textbook to work around the Beefstick. Also, the maintenance of the rod is just as straightforward.


  • The Beefstick can feel heavier than typical surf rods.


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Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

If you want a surf rod for plugging, Prevail is the best. The only other alternative that comes close is St. Croix Legend. But even that comes short in the size department.

Unlike the 11” Legend, Prevail is 12”, faster and more sensitive. That is why it is our choice surf rod for plugging.

Besides, the features of Prevail are outstanding. Chief among them is the carbon shield around the blanks. With it, your surf rod gets extra protection from the harsh conditions of shoreline fishing.


  • Two-piece packaging – understandably, you might be wary about the size of Prevail. However, you don’t have to be. It comes in two pieces and is relatively easier to transport than typical surf rods for plugging.
  • Durability – Prevail will deliver more than its money’s worth. The rod comes with several protective features that ensure that it doesn’t snap or break easily. 


  • Often, the aluminum oxide guide inserts pop out.

Okuma Cedros Surf CSX Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rod

Okuma Cedros Surf CSX Graphite Saltwater Spinning Rod

The Okuma brand is one of the fast-growing names in the fishing rod industry. Their products are fast becoming the mainstays of every angler – both beginner and pros. But from all their surf rods, the Cedros CSX is arguably the best.

The Cedros CSX is made with composite material. In particular, the brand used a 30-ton carbon. As a result, it is outstandingly sensitive. Yet, Cedros is durable and offers the perfect mix of strength and performance.


  • Lightweight – thanks to the 30-carbon material of the Cedros CSX, it weighs less than typical surf rods. You can even carry two without feeling the weight. And don’t worry that the lightness might affect the performance of this rod – it doesn’t.
  • Flexibility – the composite nature of the Cedros also means that it is perfect for hunting both small and large games. You will have adequate sensitivity to feel the slightest nibbles. Yet, the rod can offer the power to hold the pull of your game.


  • The font of the guide can be better.
  • The Cedros is somewhat limited to braided lines.


On the other hand, if you desire a more affordable surf rod from Okuma, try the Solaris.

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St. Croix Avid Surf Saltwater Spinning Rod

Our choice for the premium surf rod goes to St. Croix Avid. This rod is more expensive than the other selections in this list. But it is rightly so; it comes with several features. Plus, the Avid is a beauty.

Beyond beauty, the Avid is portable. It comes in a two-piece design that you can fold and unfold. That makes transporting the rod easy. Also, this rod is just as sensitive as it is flexible.

Thanks to the SCII carbon material, Avid is just as sensitive as Triumph. But because it is a composite material, Avid is the stronger of the two.

So, if you’re looking for a fast-action and beautiful surf, we recommend the Avid. However, be ready to splash the cash.


  • Flexible action – Avid can help you switch between slow, medium, and fast action. As a result, it can serve you for different games and fishing conditions.
  • High performance – the Avid has unmatched blank action. Whether you use it for chunking or plugging, you can rest assured of results.


  • The Avid isn’t compatible with heavy lures.


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That is the end of our list. We hope you found a surf rod in it that matches your needs!

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