Garmin Striker 4: What You Might Not Know

Already, we have a review article on Garmin Striker 4. Despite that, we frequently receive inquiries about the popular fishfinder. And that is why we decided to write this post.

Here, we shall provide more insight on:

  • the technology behind Garmin Striker 4,
  • where the popular fish finder performs best, and
  • the negatives you can expect from using Garmin Striker 4

That said, let’s delve into the details!

The Technologies Adopted By Garmin Striker 4

CHIRP For Outstanding Image Quality

Garmin Striker 4 comes with a 77/200 kHz transducer. Thanks to that feature, its image quality is outstandingly clear.

However, the outstanding image quality is not entirely because of Striker 4’s transducer but its sonar capability. If Striker 4 had used a low-quality sonar unit, its image would be blurry. But thankfully, this fish finder uses CHIRP.

CHIRP, Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse, is in a different league to other sonar units with single or dual frequencies. Unlike the lot, CHIRP transmits several pulses. As a result, it provides a cross-range frequency that allows Striker 4’s transducer to provide accurate and vivid pictures.

GPS For Marking Waypoints

While other fish finders utilize GPS, Garmin took it to another level. On Striker 4, GPS technology is a standard. With it, you can mark your waypoints and always find your way back home or to your favorite fishing ground.

And you can rest assured that the readings on Striker 4 are accurate. The entire Global Positioning System is managed by the US government. Put simply, nothing can go wrong.

Beyond finding your way around your fishing games, Striker 4 GPS can also help you track your speed. That way, you can clearly plan your time and even plot your path.

Flasher For Ice Fishing

Even if ice fishing isn’t your forte, you can’t go wrong with a fish finder compatible with different fishing terrains. Who knows, you might decide to try fishing deep in the ice to experience the fun.

If you ever go that route, or you already love angling during winter, you’ll enjoy the flasher (ice fishing mode) on Striker 4. With the flasher, you’ll get personalized viewing that will fetch you more games.

We must warn you: your fish finder screen might lose some of its aesthetics and go into a solid-state viewing. But your hauls will make up for the archaic display.


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Where Does Garmin Striker 4 Perform Best?

Note: this list only contains where we have tested Striker 4. And while we might not cover all fishing grounds, rest assured that we tested the fish finder on the basics.

Ice Fishing

We’re starting where we left off: the flasher. It is a unique feature of Garmin Striker 4 that made the fish finder suitable for ice fishing. Thanks to the flasher, the transducer, CHIRP, GPS technologies will deliver the best image even during the “toughest” winter conditions.

Sensitivity and clear imaging aside, Striker 4 comes with a battery built to last for days. And considering that you can spend days ice fishing, this fish finder is an excellent fit. However, ensure the device is fully charged before your trip.

Kayak Fishing

If you fancy portability, you’ll most likely love kayak fishing. In that case, you’ll love Garmin Striker 4 fits too. It is portable and affordable. Despite the portability and affordability of Striker 4, it comes with juicy features that other entry-level depth finders can barely imagine.

And by the way, kayaks and Striker 4 are perfect for each other. The former has a modified body to accommodate the latter without delaying navigation or game retrieval.

However, ensure to place your Striker 4 appropriately on your kayak for better results. But how?

  • First, ensure you attach your Striker 4 to the transducer mount arm on your kayak.
  • Hold the fish finder firmly in place with a nylon tie wrap
  • Lastly, plug in your transducer lead and battery cable before fishing.

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Small Boat Fishing

The chances are that you prefer smaller boats to kayak for fishing along creeks and ponds. Then, you don’t need a fish finder that will take all your space. And fortunately, Garmin Striker 4 is very portable.

If you don’t like the standard size of Striker 4, you could even acquire the portable model. Regardless, rest assured of results; you’ll identify and reel in your favorite game. However, for the best results, follow these tips:

  • For small craft fishing, fit your transducer below the electric trolling motors.
  • When fitting your fish finder below your motors, do so only for four-wheel-drive systems.
  • Else, fasten the fish finder to a gunnel clamp or piece of plywood – anything strong enough on your boat.

What Are The Negatives You Can Expect From Using Garmin Striker 4?


Indeed, the image quality on Striker 4 is outstanding – and the same thing applies to its GPS. However, the screen size isn’t the best for an entry depth finder.

At 3.5″, Garmin Striker 4 screen can be better. The size isn’t just enough for the many features on the fish finder. Bigger screen size will be perfect, especially for people with impaired sight.

Nevertheless, you can work around the small display on Striker 4 by upgrading it. When you do, you can get larger screen units. 

Durability Of Transducer And Power Cable

Though rare, we have experienced a few issues on Striker 4’s cables – especially for the transducer and power. The cable jackets aren’t that strong, and their insulation isn’t the best either. If the units can be “tougher,” the entire setup will be perfect.

But if you’re a light angler who doesn’t have an aggressive fishing style, you might not experience the durability issue. But, it wouldn’t hurt to always pick a fish finder with thick cables.


Despite the issue with the screen size and cables of Garmin Striker, it remains the best entry depth finder for an angler who’s always on the move. It is affordable, portable, and versatile. Plus, it is a product from a reliable brand. That in itself is a safety and quality assurance.

More importantly, this fish finder (unlike others) comes with top-grade technologies. Thanks to those, you can reduce the usual limitations on your angling trips.

In short, Garmin Striker 4 is worth the investment. We’ll award it a 4.5 on a scale of 5!

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