Do You Need A Special Underwater Camera For Ice Fishing?

Any excellent underwater camera can work for freshwater and saltwater fishing – regardless of the water’s murkiness. However, the situation is different for ice fishing. How so?

For starters, not all underwater fishing cameras can withstand the extreme cold conditions of ice fishing. Beyond the weather, the large expanse of ice means you can’t help the camera with landing and positioning.

In other words, ice fishing requires an underwater camera with almost a hands-off control, which can also withstand frigid conditions. So, back to the question:

Yes, ice fishing requires “special” underwater cameras. However, if you seldom go on ice-fishing trips, you don’t need one.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular ice fishing angler, getting an ice fishing underwater camera is non-negotiable. So, which one should you get?

This article contains the top ice fishing underwater cameras. And rest assured that whichever you pick can help you improve your hauls.

The Top Ice Fishing Underwater Cameras Reviewed

Anysun Professional Ice Fishing Camera

The clue is already in the name! But beyond that, we love the battery life on the Anysun camera. So far, it is the best underwater camera for ice fishing.

Anysun professional camera can run for up to 12hours. Compared with the standard 8hour battery life of other underwater cameras, you’ll have more time to go after the big games.

The battery life aside, the Anysun camera has excellent image quality. It comes with an 800 * 480-pixel resolution in a 7-inch frame. The best part: you can adjust the lighting settings on the screen to make your image clearer. As such, the Anysun camera is perfect for both daytime and night fishing.


  • Extended battery life – unlike other underwater cameras that only last 8hours after fully charged, the Anysun camera can stay up to 12hours. With such a lifespan, you can use the product for a couple of days without an extra battery or a charger.

In essence, the Anysun camera is the best aid for travels and emergency ice fishing.

  • Affordable – despite the extended battery life of the Anysun camera, it boasts of 49ft cable and a 7-inch screen. Together, such features would have cost you a fortune. But not with Anysun – it is the best ice fishing underwater camera for the money.


  • Once damaged, finding quality replacements for the battery is almost impossible.
  • Also, and unfortunately, this camera has no video recording feature.

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Eyoyo 7-inch LCD Underwater Fish Camera

Like the Anysun camera, the Eyoyo 7-inch camera also has a 49ft cable. As such, it can help you reach the depth beneath the ice to catch your favorite game.

But unlike Anysun, the Eyoyo 7-inch only has 8-hour battery life. Even at that, don’t worry – 8 hours is still enough time to reel in your hauls. Besides, that is even the standard for underwater fishing cameras.

Beyond the cable length and battery life, the beauty of the Eyoyo 7-inch is its image quality. From the ice fishing underwater cameras we tested, Eyoyo has superior crystal-clear imaging technology.

In addition to the imaging technology, the Eyoyo 7-inch camera has a sun protective feature. And it doesn’t matter if you’re out in the sun or fishing in the deep iced sea; the camera will still be effective.


  • Infrared lights – Eyoyo 7-inch camera comes with a 12pcs IR connectivity. Thanks to that, it can work in murky conditions such as ice fishing. The enhanced imaging could even be extra helpful at night.

However, the display of the Eyoyo 7-inch camera changes when the IR light feature is on. If you don’t mind a retro “white and black display,” you’re good.

  • Compact design and casing – Eyoyo 7-inch camera comes in a beautiful and portable case. As such, it is easy to transport and pack for storage.


  • The only sideline of the Eyoyo 7-inch camera is when the IR light is on. The feature works perfectly but can limit the quality of the image output.

Alternative underwater cameras suitable for high image quality:

Aqua-Vu Micro 5.0

Like Marcum underwater viewing system, Aqua-Vu 5.0 is also a premium camera. It cost around $469 – but it is worth all the money. How?

For a start, the Aqua-Vu camera has a 60ft long cable. With such, you will reach further beneath the ice and monitor your games.

In addition to the incredible cable length, the Aqua-Vu camera comes with an integrated video recording. Thanks to that, you can watch (and learn from) your previous angling trips to improve your fishing skills.

The best part: despite the many features of Aqua-Vu 5.0, it is the most portable underwater camera we have tested.


  • Lightweight – Aqua-Vu 5.0 weighs only 1.2pounds thanks to its portable design. For that reason, you can move it around as you please without feeling the extra weight. But take extra care with the screen.
  • Flexibility and control – unlike other underwater cameras, you can detach the fins and camera clips on Aqua-Vu 5.0. That feature will be helpful for narrow water bodies.

Either way, you can rest assured knowing you have a camera that fits different spaces and brings accurate live feeds.


  • The connectivity of Aqua-Vu 5.0 is slow, especially when you’re transferring your video data to a computer.

Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

Like the Eyoyo 7-inch camera, the Moocor camera also has a sun protective feature. However, the latter is more enhanced. So much so you can identify different types and structures of fish even at night.

Also, the Moocor camera can view underwater conditions at about 130o. With such, you can monitor a number of your games and increase your chances.

Bottom line: Moocor camera features are enhanced for night fishing. In other words, it is the best option for low-light conditions.


  • Clear view – the length of the cable matters but not as much as the clarity of the camera. In that regard, the Moocor camera is exceptional. It gives accurate views up to 40ft – unlike most underwater cameras.
  • Multi-functional – in simple words, the Moocor camera is a hive of features. It has an LCD monitor, IR light, and a 4x zoom. Yet, the camera can improve the quality of its video output.


  • Moocor has a small 4.3inch screen size. But thankfully, you can zoom its output at least 4x and still have a clear view.


Ice fishing requires underwater cameras with capacity for low-light conditions. But that’s only the fundamental requirement; you still have to consider the image quality, cable length, and battery life too.

In any case, our recommendations tick the boxes for the requirements of ice fishing underwater cameras. And an additional tip: start with the Eyoyo 7-inch camera!

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