ProMariner 43012: Why Is It Perfect For Your Boat? How Can You Maintain It?

You have probably read some of the glowing reviews of the ProMariner 43012. You might wonder what the rave is all about and if you should invest in the battery charger for your boat. Well, we say you should! The product is worth the hype.

In this guide, we shall be discussing why the ProMariner 43012 and also ProSport 12 are two of the best investments you can make for your fishing trips. More importantly, we will give you tips on how to get all of your money’s worth from it!

ProMariner 43012: Why Is It Perfect For Your Boat? How Can You Maintain It?

Why ProMariner 43012 Is Perfect For Your Boat

When looking for the best battery chargers for your boats, you should consider the following factors. 

  • The versatility of the charger – can it work with crank, house, and troll batteries?
  • The capacity of the charger – can it meet the voltage requirement of your boat battery and how fast is it?
  • Multi-tasking – can your preferred charger charge many batteries at a time?

So, to ascertain if ProSport 12 is the perfect fit for your boat, we shall look at how it performs in the factors we have mentioned.


Your boat needs its crank battery to start, while its engine would automatically do that job, it might disappoint you. Hence, the need for a charger with an option of solar-based charging. This point is where 43012 can help.

ProSport 12 works perfectly in solar-based charging situations. And besides solar energy, it can also function for battery-based charging purposes. For that reason, this battery charger is versatile enough to power your trolling motors against the current of the water.

Also, this product can charge your boat’s reserve home battery. Since it is compatible with all energy sources, charging a similar versatile battery becomes a light work.

Furthermore, 43012 supports virtually all types of batteries. It works with the AGM, flooded, and gel types. And the temperature doesn’t matter too – the charger has an in-built function that helps it adapt to various outdoor temperatures.


Most boat batteries come with a 12v output voltage. However, it could get confusing when a boat uses two 12v batteries connected in series. When that happens, the total output will be 24v.

Whichever output voltage your boat battery has, your charger should match that. Well, it is a good thing then that ProSport 12 supports 12v, 24v, and 36v. In other words, it can charge your boat batteries even when you have three 12v batteries connected in series.

But wait? won’t there be overcharging? Or, in the case of a 12v battery, won’t the voltage capacity of 43012 be damaging?

The manufacturers of ProSport 12 have considered those factors. That is why they built the charger with overcharging and overvoltage functions. So, your boat and its cells are safe!

Furthermore, 43012 has an incredible charge rate. Here is how that works:

The more amperage a battery charger has, the faster it charges a car battery. Fortunately, the ProSport 12 has an enviable 20 amps.


Earlier, we mentioned that your boats need its crank battery to start and the troll to cope with the current of the water. So, what if the two are down? What if your home backup is off too? Would you wait to charge one cell after the other?

In a nutshell, you need a battery charger that concurrently charges more than a cell. And beautifully, the ProSport 12 can do triple battery charging, it can charge three banks simultaneously.

Note: Even when 43012 multi-tasks, it won’t overheat or be less effective. By design, it can cope with such conditions. So, you don’t have to worry.

Overall, the ProMariner 43012 is an excellent battery charger. However, even great products need care, which is the only way you can get efficiency for the long haul. That said, how can you maintain this product?

How To Maintain Your ProSport 12

First off, know the ProMariner 43012 is a low-care battery charger. Regardless, care for it as you would your boat batteries. That said, here are more specific tips to help you:

Use The Charger According To Its Instruction Manual

This tip should be pretty basic – all electronics function best and last long when users follow their manual. So, before you even start charging your crank, troll, and home batteries, check through the instruction manual of ProSport 12. And fortunately, that wouldn’t even take you up to 20mins.

So read your instruction manual! Most importantly, apply the guide to adjust the charging settings to suit your battery type and output.

Store The Device Appropriately

While it is true that the 4302 is shock-resistant and waterproof, the way you use and store it ultimately contributes to its durability. For a start, fishing during the rain and thunderstorm wouldn’t bring you lots of game to start, unless you’re an expert. So, why risk and subject your charger to harsh conditions?

About storage, all your fishing gear deserves proper care. And regardless of 4302’s rigidity, it needs proper storage. For starters, take it off the water and dusty area when it’s not in use. More importantly, always store it in clean and dry containers.

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Use Only When Necessary

The chances are that you won’t always be angling. Even when you do so consistently, you can’t always charge your battery. So, once your battery is full or still has enough juice, disconnect your ProSport 12. By doing so, you would save yourself some expenses on your utility bills. And, say you connected to solar outlets, you won’t waste energy best left in reserve.

Overall, batteries themselves are energy banks, so you don’t need to charge them  24/7. Let the batteries work so that your charger can rest and be durable.


ProSport 12 is worth all its hype. The marine battery charger is versatile, rugged, and offers fast charging. And it doesn’t matter what battery type you use, it works with all of them. That aside, it can charge a cell of up to 36v – or three 12volts simultaneously.

However, ensure you use the charger correctly. Follow the instructions on its users’ manual, and store it adequately. Most importantly, use the device only when it is necessary. That is the only way it will offer you the value worth its price!

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