The American Fish You Should Bother Catching

If you are anything like us, fishing for salmon and trout isn’t enough. You want to hit the deeps and live through the experience. You want a fish that can make you run for your money. Ok, maybe not that. You want something different than you’d ever experience on your various angling outings.

Sounds familiar, eh?

Then, this piece is for you. Here, we have gathered 5 American fish you should bother catching at least once in your lifetime. We do one even better; we included where to look, and it is all right here in the states. No more traveling around on expensive trips. You can have it all in the USA!

The best part: you can get all the fish on our list of memorable catches, even as a beginner. And you can do it all on foot, or even with a kayak. That said, let’s get started!

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5 American Fish You Should Bother Catching

Alligator Gar

You had better prepare for a tug of war with alligator gar. This fish is sturdy and will drag you out of the boat if you don’t have a firm grip. The fun part: gars play games. How?

When you catch an alligator gar, it sizes up your energy and then surges through the water with lightning speed, hoping to throw you off guard. And when the gar finally surfaces, the game is not over yet. There is yet a second round of struggle. The first is to soak you up in your boat.

But don’t give up; remember, it’s all a game!

Most importantly, ensure you wait long enough (at least two minutes) for the gar to get the bait around its softer meat. That way, your hook will pierce through and make a solid ground for the exciting fishing battle you are about to experience. 

Another thing to note: don’t fret about the name or the looks of alligator gars. They look terrifying, agreed. But they don’t harm humans nor decisively reduce the population of other fish. In other words, you are safe as long as you are ready to play in the dirt.

Even with the dirt, catching an alligator gar is worth the experience. So, head towards Florida, the Mississippi River, southern Illinois, southwestern Ohio, and Texas. There, you will find all the gars to fish. 

Peacock Bass

Peacock basses might not necessarily be as monstrous as alligator gars, but they sure hold their turfs. And while in their territory, the green machines can be delightful and memorable catches.

The best part: peacock basses are great opportunities for a shot at urban fishing. You could have the memories you crave a few miles from your house. And about memories, prepare your gears, flies, and lures for the hits. 

Now, you wonder, what hits? Are peacock basses not small?

True, these green machines are averagely 8pounders. Even at that, they can prove too much of a work to anglers. Just two peacock basses can dent all your lures and hooks.  But isn’t that “the fun” after all?

So, are you ready for the challenge, bent hooks, and the struggle that peacock bass offers?

If yes, head out to southern Florida. The more south, the better! However, ensure you go with enough supplies. And perhaps you don’t know what to bring, check this:

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Snakehead is undoubtedly one of the tastiest fish ever. Put it beside any saltwater catch, and its wonders will always mesmerize your taste buds. But beyond the stomach, snakeheads are also a delight to the hand.

And as an angler, you’d agree that there is nothing more interesting than the fun of the grip and reeling in a catch. Fortunately, snakehead can offer you all that and even more.

However, we have to warn you. Snakeheads are a bit nasty. But all that nastiness makes them even more fun to catch.

What’s more, snakehead fish love to play in shallow waters – dangerous still! That means you’d see all the action right at the peak.

And indeed, snakeheads can be pretty damaging predators to their ecosystem. But only as a keystone species. In other words, they keep overcrowding at bay.

Regardless, snakeheads are delightful catches. And there is something even more exciting: the way this predator hit the lures like silent assassins. Amusing, that one!

So, are you ready for the amusing and action-packed plays of snakehead?

If yes, head out to California, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, and Maryland. You might want to check Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Wisconsin too. The said locations are the top sites of snakeheads in the states. 


Tarpons are hands-down the most resilient fish to catch on our list. Regardless of their size, be ready to battle long into hours for just a catch.

And even when a tarpon finally takes your bait, you’d hope that your hook is strong enough. Else, the aid will break at the sheer strength of the fish and the thickness of its body.

With the description so far, we understand if you want to detract from tarpons. We’d understand. But if you are up for the challenge, ensure you invest in the right fish hooks.

About that, this guide can help:

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Also, you might want to be physically strong – be in shape. While tarpons won’t play dirty like peacock basses and snakeheads, they would test your strength and drag you through the mud if you fail. 

Pro tip: go for the 15-50 pounder tarpons. They offer the same battle as the heavyweights but less stress to reel into your boats. But if you’re up for the challenge, and an expert, go for the big leagues.

So, where can you find the tarpon fish?

Try Florida and Georgia!

White Sturgeon

For starters, know that white sturgeons are nothing like your typical inland fish. You’d better believe that they are one of a kind and would floor you 9 out of 10 times.

About the flooring, it will be the most exciting thing you’d see inland fishing. A white sturgeon, in all its might, will blast up from the deep with jaw-widening acrobatics.

But don’t lose your guard; the fish would dive right back from where it came with your line and lures. So, you had better hold fast to that rod. Else, you’d be a diver lost without his gears.

Even with your best fishing gears and years, white sturgeons take time to catch. When you eventually do, it’ll be worth all the trouble. And if you chase the big one, your appetite will receive a massive settler. 

Sounds interesting, eh?

Look out for white sturgeons in California all down towards the Pacific slope of North America.

And that’s all: the 5 American fish you should bother catching at least once in your lifetime. Perhaps you have suggestions that you’d like us to explore. Kindly reach out with a comment!

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