Pond Bass Fishing Lures

Most of the pond bass fishing lures are divided into three different categories namely, bladed baits, plugs, and soft plastics. All these categories are represented well in the best fishing lures for ponds list. If possible, both size and color will be provided. Talking of colors, there is no size or color that fits each and every application. The list of course included well-established and proven pond baits. 

One of the rules about the colors Is that light colors, for example, silver, light green, and white do work well and efficiently in water that is clear as opposed to dark colors for example purple, dark green, and black do well and efficiently in water that is dark. 

The color hot pink can be seen clearly in muddy water. The excellent and exceptional all-around chartreuse color is mostly used for these types of situations. Some of the pond bass fishing lures include:

The Green Pumpkin Senko 

The Senko Yamamoto with a length of 4 had a green pumpkin-shaped well pattern and is also a terrific and good bait. It is among the best bass lures while fishing in the pond. In the 1960s plastic worms were very efficient in catching bass. 

They have matured and have come from afar. The green pumpkin Senko is a supple and soft bait with a lot of action. The Senko Yamamoto has a good color pattern and has an amazing all-round figure and size. 

The bait in many ways can be definitely rigged similar to the plastic worms. This can also be called finesse bait. The Senko Yamamoto does not possess a lot of action but it doesn’t entirely depend on it. It naturally works best when moving in the water. 

The wacky rig method is very popular. With this rigging method, the hook passes through the Centre as the bait completely undulates while drifting the water height and column. 

The Johnson Black Beetle Spin 

The Johnson black beetle spin is one of the best fishing lures for pond water. Although it is not as big as the other spinnerbaits, keeping true and as the downsize pond fishing theory is all about. It is a simple bait with only a small body and one Colorado blade. 

The quarter size of the silver blade and that of the black grub combines perfectly. Dark colors are the best to use for this particular situation. The fishing lure works very easily.  

You should cast it out and allow for it to sink to a certain depth and then reel it back using a well and steady retrieve. No action is needed for the spin. The vibration and the flash of the blade together with the bulk of its body is truly all of which is needed. 

Its weedless properties help it to work great and efficiently when bumped across stumps and whenever it is pulled over the top of the submerged vegetation. 

Pond Bass Fishing Lures – The Fred Hula Popper 

This is one of the most iconic pond bass fishing lures there ever is. This fishing lure has a well-conceived face with the rubber legs dragging behind it which gives it floating properties. When sharply twitched, the face submerged in the lake, producing a good pop sound.

Meanwhile, in that position, the rubber legs are able to dance seductively at the surface. It is encouraged that you lure early or rather late during the day, on other covers, and around the weed edges. 

The Fred hula popper is of the same size. It doesn’t matter on the topwater pattern baits as they can be of any color. The frog can be a good pattern for the bait. One mistake people tend to make is that they fish the bait at a faster pace. As the rubber legs are undulating while the bass is motionlessly sitting there, this will make the bass crazy and of course, they will hit it. 

Chartreuse Twister Grub 

In 1970 the twister grub was introduced to fishing. This action is made by a simple design where the tail of which is curly is amazing. It is of different sizes and colors. It is an eighth in ounces and its size is about 3 inches. 

It has a jig head that has a perfect combination for pond fishing and catching basses. You can work out these lures in different methods. One of the simplest and most effective methods is to cast out and slowly retrieve it.  

It is very similar to a swim like bait as the tail will produce a lot of vibrations. In s hooping movement, you can be able to work it over top or close to the bottom of the weed beds. You can also slowly crawl it across and near the bottom. 

Lighter colors, for example, the chartreuse and the color white tend to imitate the baitfish as opposed to the darker colors for example the brown and green clots tend to mimic the crustaceans such as the crayfish. 

The Rapala Action Slash Bait 

The Rapala slash bait is a very hard plug in the bait family and is also known as the jerk baits. They are known as jerk baits simply because of how they are retrieved from the water. At rest, the fish bait floats then go down to about 3 feet when retrieving it. 

When the bass is feeding and is active, the Rapala action slash bait is the best to use particularly the modern version. The best method to retrieve while using the Rapala is the hard twitch then a pause follows. 

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Pond Bass Fishing Lures – Conclusion

The fishing lure is cast out to the water and the reeling of the line is done in a tight manner. The angler when in position then is allowed to twitch sharply the tip of the rod, twice or even one time, then he should point the top of the rod at the fish bait. This will ensure enough slack is put on the line of which in turn will create a space where the lure can hang. 

This of course simulates a helpless and wounded baitfish of which will encourage more strikes from the largemouth bass. This is one of the most effective pond bass fishing lures of which are highly encouraged when pond fishing. 


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