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Vibe Kayak Sea Ghost 110

Review Last Updated: April 28, 2020

Nancy Reagan
Product Review by Nancy Reagan


Today we'll be reviewing the Vibe Kayak Sea Ghost 110.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Excellent stability
  • There are two flush-mount rod holders on the kayak, so you can have multiple lines cast at once
  • Four integrated gear tracks to allow you to customize your rigging
  • Toe-controlled rudder system
  • The center console provides extra storage
  • The specially-designed seat is optimized for maximum comfort


  • Heavy compared to others
  • Not the best for portability

Vibe Kayak Sea Ghost 110 Product Review

The Sea Ghost 110 kayak is another model from the manufacturer Vibe. The Sea Ghost 110 is known to offer a unique mix of speed, agility, and stability because of its size, measuring in at 11 feet long.

Though it’s a large canoe, it can easily navigate smaller and more tight spaces of water. This would be a very suitable canoe to use if you were looking for something to take you out on a river or pond.

The hull of this kayak is advanced and designed to cut cleanly through the water and provide additional balance. It also has a rudder system which increases the amount of control that you have while steering.

It’s clear that this kayak isn’t just for fishing enthusiasts, you can have fun with this equipment regardless of your interests. The rudder system is designed to conserve your energy so that you can spend more time casting and fishing and less time exerting energy on rowing and steering.

The seat of this kayak is designed for comfort more than some others, so you shouldn’t have a problem spending long days on the water and maintaining a level of comfort. This kayak is great for the fishing enthusiast that loves to spend long days out in their vessel.

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