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Tsunami Airwave 8 Surf Fishing Rod

Review Last Updated: September 2020
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry


Today we'll be reviewing the Tsunami Airwave 8 Surf Fishing Rod.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Lightweight and easy to cast
  • Fuji Concept Alconite line guides
  • Suitable for larger fish


  • Not as many sizes available as some rods

Tsunami Airwave 8 Surf Fishing Rod Product Review

This surf fishing rod by Tsunami is an excellent choice for someone who prefers a very lightweight surf rod. Coming in at 8 feet, it is a little bit shorter than your typical surf fishing rod, but it would work just fine for your average-sized fisherman.

Though the frame of this rod is meant to be lightweight, it does not lack for power. It is crafted using high-pressure production techniques that helps make it into a strong and powerful, but lightweight and easy to use rod. In the case of surf fishing, the lightweight design is a huge benefit because it allows you to perform more casts without becoming fatigued.

In addition to being lightweight and powerful, this rod is also great value because of the modest price point. All of these factors make it a good choice for the beginner surf fisherman who doesn’t want to invest hundreds in a rod but also wants something more than the bare minimum.

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