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St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods

Review Last Updated: March 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Premium cork handles
  • Premium SCII graphite construction
  • Top-quality Fuji DPS rail seat


Today I am going to be reviewing the St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod, this rod is available in one-piece or two-piece models and is highly recommended by those that have used it.

It benefits from a premium graphite construction and comes in a variety of power levels and actions.

A great rod for those who prefer high-performance but without the hefty price tag, this rod is priced very reasonably and you would be hard-pressed to find a rod of such quality when you consider the cost.

So, convinced of their quality St Croix offer a fear year warranty, pretty phenomenal.

The St Croix Triumph range of spinning rods appears to be durable, confident, and dependable, all great qualities one should look for in a spinning rod.

St Croix has been developing fishing rods now for over 70 years, so they have certainly perfected the art of creating great fishing gear, you can be sure that if you carry a St Croix Triumph spinning rod, you’ll be fishing with quality and dependability.

Keep on reading while we dive a little bit deeper into the St Croix Triumph rod and find out why it comes so highly recommended by fishermen and women.


  • Sensitive
  • Strong and Durable
  • Lightweight construction


  • Some user reported the rail seat locking, although this seems to be a rare problem

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rods Product Review

I suppose the first thing to mention would be the quality materials used to manufacture the St Croix Triumph spinning rods, such as the premium SCII graphite construction that allows the rod to perform at a very high rate.

The rod is made from a mid-modulus graphite fiber that has a higher strain rate than more common fibers, meaning that the rod is very lightweight and durable but still allows for it to be sensitive.

The St Croix Triumph spinning rods also benefit from premium cork handles that allow the user to maintain a tight grip and reduce slippage, perfect when battling them big trophy fish.

The Triumph range also features a top-quality Fuji DPS rail seat which has a frosted silver hood, as well as hard aluminum oxide guides that make this rod durable and dependable.

The rod has 2 coats of flex-coat slow cure finish that further enhances the durability of the rod and prolongs its shelf life, allowing you to fish for longer.

The St Croix Triumph Rod range comes in a variety of powers, ranging from ultra-light all the way up to medium-heavy, with action ranging from extra-fast to slow, allowing anglers to pick the perfect rod for their chosen fishing style or fish.

The rid is lightweight, durable, and sensitive, as well as super versatile, all the things you would expect from a St Croix fishing rod, 70 years of experience has allowed St Croix to develop some truly wondrous rods, and the Triumph is no different.

This rod is built to high-end specs but carries a very reasonable price tag one that most anglers would find it hard to argue with especially when you consider the premium materials used in the construction of this rod.

The St Croix Triumph spinning rod range is designed for freshwater fishing, with rod sizes ranging from 5 feet to 7 feet 6 inches.

All in all a terrific rod that any angler would surely enjoy the use of.


So, would I recommend the St Croix Triumph Spinning rod?

The answer is yes, I would 100 perfect recommend the St Croix Triumph Spinning rod for those looking for a reasonably priced rod for freshwater fishing, but also want a premium build and construction and a rod that performs at a high level.

What really stands out about this rod to me is the Premium SCII Graphite construction that allows to the rod to be much lighter than a lot of rods but also allows the rod to be very sensitive.

A great all-round spinning rod for freshwater.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod and would encourage you to give this page a like or share it with your friends.

Happy Fishing!

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