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Shimano Trevala

Review Last Updated: April 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Fast recovery rate
  • EVA foam rubber grips
  • Split grip style handle for offshore conditions
  • Reinforced with Fuji Aluminum Guides
  • Diamond polished for extra smooth finish
  • High carbon butt section
  • Carbon fiber rod


Back when we were just discovering tools, we’d use sticks or our bare hands to catch fish.

We’ve come a long way since then-new technology has hugely changed the game for anglers, with many new gadgets and fishing gear being created to make your fishing experience easier.

Fishing rods are the backbone of fishing – whether it be a stick with a hook on the end, or a state-of-the-art rod, like the SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod.

Keep reading for our review of the SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod, including a list of the rod’s features, and a list of the pros and cons.


  • Perfect for deep water fishing
  • Very durable
  • Fairly priced
  • Effortless jigging


  • Doesn't pair too well with monofilament line

Shimano Trevala Product Review

Anglers all over the globe are using this award-winning rod. It won the American Sporting Association award and won the best in the rod category.

This rod comes in different models:

  • TVC58XH
  • TVC58XXH
  • TVC58XXH2
  • TVC60H
  • TVC66H
  • TVC66M
  • TVC66MH
  • TVC66MH2
  • TVC70L
  • TVC70ML

The first two numbers you see (e.g 58) are the length in ft, so the first one on the list would be 5ft 8.

The last letter stands for whether it is light, medium, or heavy – so the TVC58XH is extra heavy.

Not all models are one-piece – the ones on the list with a 2 at the end are actually two-section rods.


The backbone of the rod has been tested and can handle and pull an impressive 28 pounds in 270’ water. You’ll certainly struggle to find a rod in the same price bracket with the capabilities of this rod.

The rod is made of graphite, which is a brilliant material for use in saltwater. The graphite makes the rod quite sensitive, meaning you can easily feel when you get a bite.

Please bear in mind that as graphite can be quite brittle, you mustn’t subject the rod to a lot of weight – you don’t want the rod to break or snap!

You’re sure to love how suited to bottom and deep-sea fishing this rod is. Users have tried the line in the water with a thick cover, and it’s worked perfectly! Like with most rods, however, you’ll get better results in clear water.

The blank is made of graphite, rendering it rather stiff. This is why it’s better suited to casting lighter baits. Although it’s stiff, it’s designed to avoid ripping the hook out of the fishes mouth.

For that extra stability, the rod is reinforced with Fuji Aluminum Guides. They’re diamond-polished for an ultra-smooth finish, and to provide long-lasting durability, as well as decreased line wear.

Because of this, the rod has much better resistance to corrosion, and to heat dissipation.


If you spend hours fishing, this rod will be perfect for you. The lightweight rod is ideal if you’re likely to get tired.

The lightweight design means that it recovers quite slowly after being cast, which is super convenient.

Because it’s light-weight, it’s also quite sensitive, so you should be able to feel when you get a bite. You should also be able to feel when the lure hits the bottom of the river bed/ ocean floor.


This rod is equipped with comfortable EVA foam rubber grips, designed to add comfort. The grip also gives you a great hold of the rod, even in wet conditions.

This is especially helpful if you’re holding onto the rod for a while at a time. Without a comfortable grip, you could end up with blisters and sore hands after a day of fishing.

For offshore conditions, there’s a split grip style handle. This type of handle is perfect for improving balance, and split grips enable adaptability to different types of fishing, and different reel-types.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, you’re sure to love the SHIMANO Trevala Casting Rod.

This comfortable, well-designed rod will make fishing a breeze. You’re bound to be impressed by the fast recovery rate, and optimal response from the rod. Bottom fishing has never been easier with the Trevala Casting Rod.

Have you tried the SHIMANO Trevala yet? If you have, what are your thoughts?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this review with your fishing friends.

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