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Shimano Metanium DC Low-Profile Baitcast Reel

Review Last Updated: June 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Digital Control Braking System
  • 10-Bearing Drag System
  • MicroModule Gearing
  • Ambidextrous Hand Orientation
  • S3D Spool Control
  • X-Ship Technology


Today we'll be reviewing the Shimano Metanium DC Low-Profile Baitcast Reel.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Tournament-grade versatility
  • Available in left and right hand retrieve
  • Premium 9+ bearing system
  • Anti-rust ball bearings
  • Provides accurate casting with all line and lure combinations
  • Unyielding body construction


  • Premium option - not budget friendly

Shimano Metanium DC Low-Profile Baitcast Reel Product Review

Jam-packed with Shimano’s latest technologies, the Shimano Metanium DC Baitcasting Reel combines tournament-grade versatility, high-performance gearing, and intelligent electronics in a lightweight package. This reel is available in 7.4:1 and 8.5:1 gear ratios in both left and right hand retrieve.

The Metanium DC boasts a 10-bearing drag system (9BB +1RB) with up to 11lbs of drag. Additionally, the Digital Control braking system utilizes a microcomputer spool speed 1,000 times every second. The braking system precisely applies the perfect amount of pressure for the perfect casting without fear of backlash.

The Hagane body exhibits a strong performance without tilting despite its light weight. The Metanium DC is fortified with Shimano’s newest set of reel technologies. X-Ship Technology provides smoothness and durability; MicroModule Gearing ensures frictionless gyration, and S3D delivers consistent spool control and brake force.

The I-DC5 braking is adjustable to match not only your lure weight but also your line type. This allows you to personally adjust the reel’s casting performance to the degree that’s not possible with lesser reels.

The interior dial allows you to select for braid, mono, or fluoro line.

The external dial offers four brake strength settings plus a microcomputer-driven Intelligent Auto mode, which adjusts itself 1,000 times per second for optimal braking.

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