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RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line

Review Last Updated: June 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • UV Resistant
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Low Stretch
  • Faster Sinking
  • Hybrid Line


Today we'll be reviewing the RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Possesses a constant uniform diameter with low stretch
  • Features high-density construction with non-absorbency
  • Suitable for ice fishing and freshwater
  • Fluorocarbon coating provides outstanding shock strength and resistance to knots
  • Extra smooth
  • Great price


  • Not useable for saltwater fishing

RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line Product Review

This PowerFluoro hybrid line has a 100% fluorocarbon outer coating with copolymer core. The fluorocarbon coating produces outstanding shock strength and provides impact and knot strength.

The added copolymer adds flexibility and reduced memory.

Additionally, the fluorocarbon light-refractive index is almost identical to water and makes the line virtually invisible to fish for a stealthy presentation.

The PowerFluoro’s incredible strength allows it to withstand sudden and aggressive strikes. The line delivers solid hooksets by providing shock absorbent and abrasion resistant technology.

When I first saw this line I thought they’d forgotten the string; it’s almost invisible and tough to break. Also, the UV resistance prevents the sun’s harsh rays from weakening the line, unlike easily-weakened nylon.

This PowerFluoro line is excellent for ice fishing because it features a high-density construction and the line allows lures to reach the desired trolling depth to catch the fish rapidly.

Lastly, the low stretch and extra sensitivity let you feel even the slightest bite from a fish; you’ll soon see your catch ratio shooting up.

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