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PowerPro Spectra Fiber Hi-Vis Line

Review Last Updated: March 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry


Today we'll be reviewing the PowerPro Spectra Fiber Hi-Vis Line.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • For the length, this line is very affordable
  • High-Vis color makes it an excellent choice for jigging
  • The braided design makes it easier to cast longer and more accurately through the air
  • Zero stretch means the hook will instantly set and you will know right away when you have a bite
  • With no reel memory, it's resistant to wind tangling, the line won't become curled from sitting in your reel, and you can enjoy smooth casts
  • Proprietary enhanced body technology provides smooth casting in a variety of fishing conditions


  • This line comes in test weights up to 50 lbs, not suitable for larger fish
  • The High-Vis line is great for jigging but could be a giveaway when fishing in any other style

PowerPro Spectra Fiber Hi-Vis Line Product Review

The PowerPro Spectra Fiber Hi-Vis is very similar to the Spectra Fiber from the same brand with one notable difference: the color.

This line comes in only one color, which is a bright yellow to increase visibility. This makes it a good line for a particular type of fishing: jigging. For jigging, you often like to be able to see your line.

You’d also be looking for something that has no stretch so that you can quickly detect a bite and get the hook set. The Spectra Fiber Hi-Vis fits all of these criteria, making it one of the best-braided fishing lines for jigging.

With PowerPro’s enhanced body technology providing exceptional abrasion resistance, the Spectra is a great choice for anyone fishing in heavy cover situations.

Though this line is a perfect choice for jigging, you can use it for other styles of fishing as well. It’s not a good candidate for any style of fishing that involves the need for stealth when casting, but if you must, you could put on an invisible lead on the line to help with that.

This line is available in test weights up to 50 pounds, so you would be able to catch most species with it. Though, if you are aiming for very large fish, you may want to consider something with higher test weight.

As with most braided fishing line, this line is very durable. It’s resistant to saltwater, UV light, chemicals, and most other elements. You should be able to keep this line on your rod for the next 2-3 seasons, given you take care of your equipment.

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