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Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod

Review Last Updated: March 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • 4 x pieces with extra tip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 5 compartment embroidered rod case
  • Natural-style design
  • Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod


Fishing is a popular hobby for many reasons. The scenery, the peace and quiet, and the water all combine to create the perfect experience – but fly fishing adds that extra bit of hands-on action that some anglers crave.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, fly fishing is a sure way to reignite your love for fishing, or to spice up your fishing game.

However, a bad fly fishing rod can ruin your cast completely, and add frustration to what should be a relaxing fishing experience.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to find a decent rod for fly fishing. The Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod is perfect for anglers of any skill level and is sure to accommodate all tricky fly-fishing casts.

Keep reading for more information on the Moonshine Epiphany Rod, including a list of the rod’s features, pros, and cons.


  • Strong and durable design
  • Impressive rod action
  • Series of sizes to choose from
  • Suitable for catching a wide variety of fish


  • Not ideal if you’re on a tight budget

Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod Product Review

Before we delve into the depths of the review, let’s talk a bit about the company behind the Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod.

Moonshine Rod Co. is a popular rod brand amongst anglers, and it’s clear why people love their rods.

They have a company mission, which is to imagine, create, and distribute well-built fly fishing rods that won’t break the bank.

Their rods are built to not only serve the average angler but to reignite your love for fishing. To return to the pure and simple spirit of adventure, that will be made much easier by the Epiphany Rod.

The distinctive design of the Epiphany is a gorgeous natural wooden theme, which is sure to match any fishing environment, day or night. The custom reel seat consists of strikingly grained burl woods, which add to the expensive look and feel.

The hand-turned cork grips match the rest of the color-scheme too – but they don’t just look great… it’s sure to be a lot more comfortable fishing for hours with these grips. Wrist fatigue can be a pain, but that’s sure to be eased by the ergonomic grip.

The Moonshine Rod Co. pro team has ensured that the Epiphany is jam-packed with features sure to enhance your fly-fishing game. The soft tip of the rod is highly responsive, providing you with the perfect level of sensitivity.

A high amount of sensitivity can sometimes lead to a lack of power, but that’s not going to be a problem with this quality rod. With a stiff body and butt section, you’re certain to have more than enough power to catch the big fish.

Moonshine Rod Co. is so certain you’ll love the rod that they’ve offered a lifetime warranty. This is sure to give you peace of mind when ordering the rod. Rods can be expensive, but the Epiphany is refreshingly moderately priced. For such a quality rod, you’d expect it to break the bank!

The company’s customer service is also excellent, with many users highly rating both their rods and their customer service. If you have any queries about the rods upon purchase, the company website is super helpful and offers a wide range of contact options.


This quality rod is a perfect choice whether you’re new to the angling world or you’ve been fly fishing for years. Even the most experienced anglers are sure to be impressed by the Epiphany’s performance!

From the high sensitivity levels that this rod offers to the gorgeous natural design, this rod is great value for money. Although there are cheaper rods out there, you’ll have a tough job finding a rod as quality as the Moonshine Epiphany Fly Fishing Rod.

So, what are your thoughts on the Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod? Do you agree with what we’ve said in the review today?

Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to share our review with your fishing friends.

Happy fishing!

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