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Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

Review Last Updated: May 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Copper anodized hardware
  • High grade AAA cork grips
  • Extra tip section
  • Convenient hard canvas case


Today I am going to be reviewing the Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod.

The Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod is a top of the line rod that really catches the eye, just by looking at this superb rod you can tell it is constructed of high-quality materials and a lot of work ahs went into making it.

Not only that the Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod has a real buzz about it amongst fishermen and fisherwomen alike.

Some of you may be taken back by its large price tag, but don’t let that put you off this is a serious rod for those who want to reel in the big trophy fish.

Keep reading for our review of the Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod, including a list of the rod’s features, and the pros and cons.


  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • Great value for money
  • Trusted quality brand
  • No fault lifetime warranty


  • None

Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod Product Review

Before we get started on the review of the Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod, let’s give you a bit of background on the company behind it – Moonshine Rod Co.

Their proud company mission is to imagine, create, and distribute well-built fly fishing rods that won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet.

They hope to serve the average angler and to bring the passion and beauty back into fishing. Fishing should be a pure, tranquil experience, and Moonshine Rod Co. completely get that – and it shows in their rods.

The Drifter Series certainly lives up to expectations. The high performance, medium-action rod is perfect for fly fishing. The combination of strength and delicacy is something that any angler can appreciate.

Too many rods can lack sensitivity, but the Drifter is sure to get you a great feel. Without a decent level of sensitivity, your catches will be less successful. Thanks to the Drifter, you’ll be on top of your fishing game with each and every try.

When you purchase this rod, you don’t just get a rod – you also get a high-quality hard canvas case! This is super convenient for storing your rod safely and securely, and can also be useful for transporting your rod to your favorite fishing location. It’s a dark-colored tube with 5 compartments and features the Moonshine Rod Co. logo.

For your peace of mind, Moonshine Rod Co. offers a lifetime no-fault warranty – which is all the proof you need of the product’s quality. It’s sure to last you a long time thanks to the durable materials used, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be needing to use the warranty.

The natural color scheme features a matte vintage brown design and a lightly colored cork handle. The rod features a hand-turned spalted burl, which has been dyed to reveal the exquisite graining in the wood. This rod is sure to look great against the backdrop of a beautiful lake, or a flowing rocky river.

It’s comfortable and easy to use, which is ideal for beginners wanting a nice, quality rod to ignite their passion for angling. Casting will seem slightly more effortless thanks to this rod, which I’m sure all anglers will appreciate. Even the toughest of catches will be more successful thanks to this rod.

There’s a variety of sizes you can choose from, so you’re certain to find the right one for you. You can choose from the following sizes:

  • 3WT 7’6″ (4PC)
  • 4WT 8’6″ (4PC)
  • 5WT 10′ (4PC)
  • 5WT 9′ (4PC)
  • 6WT 9′ (4PC)
  • 7WT 10′ (4PC)
  • 8WT 9′ (4PC)


Fishing can be difficult, but the Drifter Series Rod by Moonshine Rod Co. will make catching fish seem effortless. From the sensitive feel this rod offers to the gorgeous natural-inspired design, all anglers are sure to love the overall performance.

Your rod of choice should be comfortable – especially if you’re going to be fishing for hours on end. Your hands and wrists can get fatigued, but it’s good to know this won’t be a problem with this quality rod.

The enticing features of this rod are endless, which isn’t shocking to see from a Moonshine Rod.

So, did you like our review of the Drifter Fly Fishing rod today? Moonshine Rod Co. are yet to let us down.

Each and every one of their rods and intricately designed to perfection, and the Drifter is certainly a good example of that.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to share our review with your friends.

Happy fishing!

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