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Kastking Blackhawk 2

Review Last Updated: April 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • 14 Different lengths
  • Toray 24 - Ton Carbon Matrix blanks
  • Comfortable EVA Handle
  • Floating guides


Today I am going to be reviewing the Kasking Blackhawk 2.

Kastking is well renowned for producing very superb-quality fishing tackle and at low, low prices spinning rods, and the Kastking Blackhawk 2 is no different.

This rod is extremely convenient when extending the rod starts at the tip end as you extend each section while aligning the guides one section at a time. You don’t force the sections from one another as you work your way down to the last, reel seat section of the rod. Just a gentle pull will separate them from one another.

To take it further, when you get to your fishing hole just open the bail with a line through the guides and hook attached, extend the rod to its functioning size and you’ll be fishing again in seconds without re-rigging with one of these telescopic rods. It will save you time with the reel on the rod, the line through the guides, and fully rigged.

And when you’re done fishing, just collapse the rod to its travel length. You’ll start at the bottom of the rod and collapse each section with a simple twist as you work your way to the tip of the rod.

The Kastking Blackhawk II fishing rod can be stored much more easily than a standard rod, this is great for those that require that little bit of extra space when they go on their fishing expeditions. With multiple floating line guides, it will improve casting performance, delivers a consistent and smooth taper, and eliminates flat or dead spots in the blank.

Not only is this spinning rod great for saving space but it also benefits from being able to be quickly assembled, great news for those that don’t like to waste time fiddling with their rod. You can really tell this has high-quality components.

A great thing about the Blackhawk II is that it is not only practical it is also very convenient, but you also don’t have to worry about disassembling the rod, and you can leave the rod and line in place, so this rod saves valuable fishing time.  This makes it one of the best telescopic fishing rods on the market.

Reports coming in from anglers are that this telescopic rod is also very durable which means it will hold up for many fishing trips and has an extended shelf life.


  • Full-length power transition
  • Strong and durable
  • Telescopic means it saves on space
  • Quick Assembly


  • No directions in the box

Kastking Blackhawk 2 Product Review

The Kastking benefits from the Solocscopic performance technology, with kastflex technology with Toray 24 – Ton Carbon Matrix blank delivers outstanding sensitivity and performance.

A solid glass tip provides amazing durability, this six-piece telescopic rod performs just like a one-piece and employs the use of multiple floating line guides to enhance and improve the casting performance, and deliver a smooth taper, while also eliminating flat or dead spots in the blank.

A full-length power transition is provided by the snug-fit ferrules, which is why it feels and performs like high strength one-piece spinning rod.

This one-piece performance in a six-piece telescopic design is a great multi-purpose fishing rod that is available in 14 different lengths and actions, floating guides, and has both spinning rod and casting rod models.

This range of fishing rods have an amazing balance thanks to its great design and is perfect for fishing in a great variety of situations, whether you are kayak fishing, saltwater fishing, or freshwater fishing, it is sure to provide you with great high strength, stability, and durability, excellent for reeling in the trophy fish.

The Kastking Blackhawk 2 is an excellent rod for when you need to travel, thanks to its telescopic nature it can easily be taken down and stored for their journeys, allowing you more space to pack other essential fishing tackle. It also has the SPT Soloscopic performance technology blanks – KastKing KastFlex Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank delivers sensitivity and performance.

The six-piece telescopic design isn’t just great for saving space, it is also super convenient and can be assembled very quickly, allowing you to have more precious fishing time, but it doesn’t stop there it also saves you more time because you don’t have to disassemble the rod once it has been set up, you just simply collapse the rod, leaving the reel, etc, in place.

This outstanding rod also boasts superior quality, and as such only quality components are used to construct this casting rod, such as stainless steel line guides, comfortable EVA handle, and graphite reel seats, all in all, it a very high-quality telescopic rod, perfect for fishermen and women on the go.


So, would I recommend the KastKing Blackhawk 2?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this to fishermen and fisherwomen who like to travel when they go fishing, but want to save space with their rod to allow them to pack more fishing tackle and essential fishing gear.

It’s simply a very superior-quality rod that benefits from its telescopic abilities allowing it to be stored away and save space compared to other easy to carry fishing rods.

So, if saving space on your fishing trips and ease of transport is on your mind, grab yourself one of these telescopic rods. So leave the reel on the rod and save time with this rod.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and if you did please share it with all of your friends.

Happy Fishing!

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