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Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Review Last Updated: January 2021
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry


Today we'll be reviewing the Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Made from premium materials
  • This combo includes the rod and aluminum reel
  • Comes in four different sizes, which range from children’s sized to full-grown adult
  • Fiberglass rod with telescopic design capable of handling larger fish
  • Fully collapsible fishing rod that can easily fit in the trunk of your car
  • EVA foam handle for a comfortable grip and skid resistance
  • Great for bass fishing
  • Can be used on a boat or the bank


  • Does not come with any fishing line
  • Some users have found the reel to be too small and uncomfortable

Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Product Review

This lightweight telescopic fishing rod and reel package by Goture features a high-quality fishing rod and a very smooth, well-made reel.

The Goture telescopic rod is both lightweight and durable and features an impressive build quality, made of durable 24T carbon fiber and E-glass for a composite that should withstand most stress and outside elements.

Special care has been paid to the coating of the rod, making it resistant to corrosion and other similar damage that lesser rods might be more susceptible to. Rods with a telescopic design aren’t a huge investment, but it’s nice to protect them as much as possible from damage.

Because of the high-quality materials used throughout the rod, it makes it ideal for some larger fish. In addition, the rod is also designed for efficiency, so your battles are won more efficiently without being as taxing on your body, extra features such as an eva handle provide comfort during use.

The reel is also carefully crafted with premium quality bearings and a one-way clutch for smooth operation. It has a stainless steel shaft, brass gears, and a machined aluminum spool.

The rod comes in four different sizes, with the largest making it quite a long rod. Sizes available are 2.1 meters, 2.7 meters, 3.0 meter, and 3.6-meter lengths.

The rod collapses into a much smaller, easy to carry size and you don’t need any additional equipment to contain it once collapsed. It’s a convenient pole that would serve any camper, hiker, or casual fisherman well.

If you are a pro, this could easily be used as a backup or super-utility rod in some situations. It’s not a substantial investment, so there’s not much lost if it doesn’t work out. There’s a lot to love about this combo!

The reason that this did not win the title of “Best Combo” is simply a matter of value. The rod and reel that we did select just included more and was packed with tons of value in the quality of the build.

Though this combo was not selected as the best, it does appear to be of the same level of quality. The only difference is that for your money, you don’t also get the free extra equipment.

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