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Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder

Review Last Updated: February 3, 2020

Nancy Reagan
Product Review by Nancy Reagan


Today we'll be reviewing the Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Multi-tool and a smartphone mount
  • The Deeper Pro Plus casts out up to 330 feet and can scan up to 260 feet
  • Compact design
  • Perfect fish finder for kayaks
  • It’s mobile, easy to use, and syncs to your mobile phone for a compact experience


  • Only mobile compatibility, no display included

Deeper Pro Plus Fish Finder Product Review

The Deeper Pro Plus is one of the more affordable fish finders in our list. This is due to the decreased amount of inbuilt features this model comes with. While the Deeper Pro Plus doesn’t have all of the features that some of the higher end fish finders have, it is every bit as practical.

The Deeper Pro Plus is a compact fish finder that has everything that the casual fisherman needs to have a successful catch. What it lacks in high-tech imaging, it makes up for in versatility, stealth, and durability.

This is the perfect fish finder for those who enjoy fishing from small boats, kayaks, or from shore. You can easily cast out the Pro Plus to reach difficult areas.

It can scan parts of the water that other fish finders might not be able to reach. It’s this versatility and mobility that makes it a highly appealing option for those who primarily fish from shore or a kayak.

Like many other fish finders, the Deeper Pro Plus can connect to your phone via WiFi, and you can view the data on your mobile device.

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