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Cadence Essence Spinning Rod

Review Last Updated: April 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • Lightweight 24-carbon
  • Stainless steel guides
  • EVA split-grip handle for maximum comfort
  • 1-year warranty


Today we’re going to be reviewing the Cadence Essence Spinning Rod.

The fishing rod you use can make or break your whole fishing experience. With a bad rod, your chances of catching fish will be slim – especially if you’re after prize fish.

If you’re going to be fishing for hours, you want a rod that won’t give you blisters. You want a rod that’s comfortable, affordable, resilient, and one that gets the job done.

Thankfully, there are countless rods that can provide you with the ultimate fishing experience- including the Cadence Essence Spinning Rod. Keep reading for our review of this rod, including a list of the features, and of the pros and cons.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from durable materials
  • Super sensitive


  • Cost makes people doubt quality, undeservedly.

Cadence Essence Spinning Rod Product Review

Before we get started on the review, let’s give you a bit of background on the company behind the rod.

Cadence is determined to pass on the sport of fishing to future generations and to get as many young people involved in fishing as possible. In fact, every item you buy from Cadence is one more step to putting youth combos in the hands of the next generation.

The company’s tagline is ‘Go Fishing, Give Back’, which corresponds with their mission of helping future fishing enthusiasts and bringing generations together in the world of angling.

It’s refreshing to see a rod that doesn’t break the bank; as to let’s be honest, fishing can be an expensive hobby – especially if you want the best of the best.

You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to catch some fish – and with the Cadence Essence Spinning Rod, you don’t.

Cadence is that sure that you’ll love the rod, that there’s a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

One thing we love about the Cadence Essence Spinning Rod is that you can pick your preferred size and weight. You can choose between the following:

  • 5’6”, Ultralight, Moderate Fast, 2 Piece
  • 6’0”, Light, Moderate Fast, 2 Piece
  • 7’0”, Medium Heavy, Fast, 1 Piece
  • 7’0”, Medium Heavy, Fast, 2 Piece
  • 7’0”, Medium, Fast, 1 Piece
  • 7’0, Medium, Fast, 2 Piece

This is an all-round great rod for many anglers. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or for inshore species, you’ll have no problem catching the likes of bass, walleye, trout, redfish, and flounder.

Sensitivity is hugely important when it comes to fishing rods – if you purchase a rod with no sensitivity, you’re not going to notice when you get a nibble.

Thankfully, the Essence comes with the right level of sensitivity, which is sure to help you catch the fish you want – for sport or for food.

Some fishing rods can give you no feel whatsoever, but you’ll know when you’ve got a nibble when you’re using this rod.

If you’re going to be fishing for long periods of time, then you’re sure to appreciate the EVA split-grip handle. The handle is soft and supportive and will give you maximum comfort for hours on end.

The Essence Spinning Rod features stainless-steel guides and SIC inserts, which are sure to provide you with a great cast. The rod is super durable and will last your fishing trip after fishing trip, come wind, rain, and snow.


Your fishing trip is sure to be made that little bit easier with the Cadence Essence. It’s an all-round great rod that’ll last you many fishing trips.

It’s refreshing to see an affordable, durable, and efficient rod available on the market – as we all know how expensive fishing gear can be.

This high-performance rod is sure to last years of fishing fun, whether you’re a beginner to the sport or you’re a seasoned angler.

If you enjoyed our review of the Cadence Essence Spinning Rod, then let us know in the comments section below – and be sure to share this with your fishing friends.

Happy fishing!

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