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Abu Garcia Revo Premier

Review Last Updated: June 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry
Product Features
  • C6 Carbon Rotor
  • AMGearing System
  • Various Size Options


Catching fish can be a calm and relaxing activity, but it can also be a difficult one – especially if you’re new to the fishing scene.

You can only imagine how difficult it must have been back when we used to catch fish with our bare hands and sticks.

Thankfully, in the world of technology, there are fishing devices and gadgets that make fishing a lot easier, regardless of your skill level.

Reels have evolved over the centuries, with more types becoming available on the market – the mains being the baitcasting reel, the spin cast reel, and the spinning reel.

Spinning reels are one of the most popular reels – they’re easy to use and super versatile.

If you’re looking for a durable, quality spinning reel, then you’ll love the review we have in store for you today.

Keep reading for our review of the Abu Garcia Revo Premier, including a list of the product features, and a list of the pros and cons.


  • Premium build quality
  • This reel uses an AMGearing system which is a precision gear system
  • The C6 carbon rotor reduces the weight of the reel without sacrificing any of the power
  • Multiple size options allow you to customize your experience and attain a reel that will satisfy a wide variety of needs
  • Ergonomic design helps you to be comfortable when reeling, casting and retrieving
  • Sure to please both casual fishermen and freshwater professionals
  • Very affordable price


  • Primarily intended for freshwater use
  • Only four different size options

Abu Garcia Revo Premier Product Review

The thing that stands out the most with this reel is how smooth it runs. Your fishing experience will be a breeze thanks to this reel – and it won’t break the bank, either.

Some users compare it to a $700 Shimano, which proves the high quality of the design.

Many spinning reels have some backlash when in the anti-reverse setting, but this runs smooth as ever – it’s easily one of the best reels in the price bracket.

It’s no competition for other reels in this category – it’s high quality and great value for money.

The carbon matrix drag system provides smooth and consistent drag pressure across the entire drag range. It’s long-lasting thanks to the durable design – you’re sure to get years of fishing fun out of this spinning reel.

The frame is made of durable materials – stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium – which only adds to the longevity of this quality reel.

Catching fish as heavy as six pounds shouldn’t be an issue thanks to the quality of this reel – the drag and retrieve handle the fight with ease.

The rugged yet well-built reel can certainly take a beating – and will perform just as well in any weather condition, withstanding the elements.

The I’m-c6 (insert molded C6) body design combines an x-crafty gearbox design with a C6 carbon body, contributing to the lightweight construction that houses gears in perfect alignment.


This quality reel will see you through each and every fishing trip and is sure to last years of fishing fun.

The sturdy and durable design can battle against the elements, even on the windiest and stormiest of days.

So, what do you think of the Abu Garcia Revo Premier? Would you recommend this to your friends?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share our review with your fishing friends.

Happy fishing!

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