Kayak Fishing Gear List

There is so much that people discuss as far as kayak fishing is concerned. Many questions are asked and among them is “what do I need for kayak fishing?” Hence this article provides you with a kayak fishing gear list. 

However, there is that common equipment that doesn’t miss whenever we talk about kayak fishing and there are those that are very useful and need to be maintained in the gear list. That’s our main focus today, we are yet to look into all the essential gear associated with kayak fishing.

Some of the gear touch on the way we are to survive adversities of the sea in case there are raging waves coming on. Some have to do with the ease of the whole process. Our kayak fishing gear list will tell the kind of gear needed for kayak fishing and how they continue to have a soft time during the fishing experience. 

1. Life Jackets (PFD) 

We need to know we are safe, no matter what. This is a vital tool in a kayak fishing gear list. In water, there is no way we are safe without a life jacket. There are many different types including those that can fit well on dogs! So, whether we can swim very well or make it through the shallow waters, kayak fishing is not for us if we lack life jackets. 

It is such an essential piece of gear that we shouldn’t miss to have if we are to go kayak fishing. That’s to say that in case of an emergency, we’re better catered for and there’s a higher possibility of getting out of it. 

Quite clear and nice to have, one feature that is quite good with life jackets that are associated with kayak fishing, they include a lot of pockets which are way so helpful far as kayak fishing is concerned. As I hinted, even a dog can have his and be comfortable with us on the boat as we fish up! 

2. Kayak Dressing 

This is also an important part of a kayak fishing gear list. According to the weather prevailing at the moment, we ought to know which kind of clothing is ideal and which would serve us better when we are going out into the waters. On sunny days, we have to loosen up a bit but at the same time, we have to check on the sunburn. 

Some wide hat and a long-sleeved shirt and perhaps some Lolo pants would be ideal for a loose but a little more protective gear. The main thing we are against during open-air kayak fishing during sunny days is the sunburn. When it’s quite cold, we have to get protected from the likes of hypothermia. 

The only way to have this done is that we should find some drysuit somewhere as well as warm gloves to have us warm as we approach freezing temperatures. Kayak dressing is however not so difficult and maybe set for some specific clothing. Anything will have us protected for as long as it falls under what we have talked about above. 

3. Nice Paddles 

In kayak fishing, we can be easily messed up with the inappropriate pair of paddles when it comes to paddling. We might also have a very easy time when we got the right paddles. So, what do ideal paddles look like and what do they have? 

An ideal paddle is a light piece and can be long enough depending on the height. Most of them range between 230 and 250 cm. In case the kayak is a peddled one, it is still important to have the paddle in place because we never know what may come up during the time of fishing.

Lightweight paddles help is a wave through the waters with much ease but considers the one which is lightest since it is easier to use the lightest, though they range between the same weight. 


This is another important piece of equipment in a kayak fishing gear list. It is however not that compulsory, but if we need an easier time finding and catching baited fish, it is often a very important piece. Any models are often connected to GPS mechanisms to make sure there is an easy time tracking through the fish and catching them with ease. 

In a different scenario, when we’re far into the waters, we need to have marked important points just in case was lost or stuck somewhere. This piece of gear is not as important but it’s one that makes life so easy when we go kayak fishing.  

Adding it to the kayak gear list means that there is something more that we have to accompany it with. If there’s a good fish finder on the kayak, we definitely need a source of power for it. Therefore, there is a need to include a source of power, good enough to handle the GPS fishfinder within the kayak. 

On this, it is very important to choose one that can handle the flex drive and the fish finder at the same time. 12v outdoor battery pack of your choice will do a great job all the same. 

Rod holders 

As an angler, there is a great importance of having this on the kayak. A lot of activity should be going on and it is barred a lot if we do not have this. So, the main feature we look for in the rod holders is flexibility. 

One that is equipped with a proper mounting system is also. Much easier to use on any kayak. A flexible one and one that can mount easily is all we need since it is important for the whole endeavor. 

Landing Net 

For a kayak, fishing is quite an adventure and the most interesting part is landing the fish. We need to be well equipped for the same if at all it’s going to be a success. Landing fish on a kayak would need specific nets sizes and a little more attachment that comes with the fish landing. We can make great handlers for the landing nets if we need more way time with it. 


Some small pieces of equipment such as these are very important since when there is a lot of traffic or when we stay kayak fishing up too late in the night we need to be seen. The Visipole is visible from 360° and the others can see our kayak from a reasonable distance. 

Anchors and Anchor Sticks 

We need to anchor here and then in the water as we change activity for example landing the fish. This needs to be on the kayak fishing gear list. The kayak might compromise some operations and therefore we need to slow down and hold on a little bit. The anchor and anchor ticks would help us do this with a lot of ease. 

A Knife and Tie-downs 

These are two little pieces of equipment but quite important for kayak fishing. We might need them somewhere though not definite all on all we need them somewhere. The tie-downs may specifically help us with anchors and attaching the landing nets. The knife may be useful in its own way. 

The Kayak Carts 

We need to tow it a little bit! The cart can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. It serves to make the process of removing the kayak from the rack into the waters easier. It is little enough to fit on the kayak without compromising our storage space. 

Find Some Crates! 

It’s easy to stuff a ton of load in the crates. What happens is that we can come up with our own crates or if we opt to buy them, we need to know how to fix them at the correct places for storage. The crates would help us know where we’ve placed what and that all that we got aboard is safe and in the correct order. 

It is also necessary for packaging the catch with ease. Crates literally take up very little space and they’re easy to use. However, be careful not to pack them too full! They might mess up in the end. 

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Kayak Fishing Gear List – Conclusion

In kayaking, there is no fixed gear that everyone who does it must have but it is ideal to have the set of attire that makes us all comfortable and is at the same time useful and ideal for use. The above kayak fishing gear list is made up of the major things I consider important in kayak fishing. 

However, there are still a lot of things that we ought to bring on board to make the fishing time even easier. Around the kayak fishing exercise, all the equipment we decide to bring on board have their own great importance and that it is needed to make it a success. 

Some might be a little difficult to work with but with time it becomes even easier to fish up with them and accurately use them. Some are nice in saving our time and using them helps us do exactly that. Precisely, it’s the ease and comfort we need while we fish through. Come up with your kayak gear list and let’s find the gear and go kayak fishing once again. 

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