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Best Ice Fishing Line

Last Updated: April 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry

Are you searching for the best ice fishing line that remains still, flexible, and durable? If so, you’re in the perfect place.

This ice fishing line review includes our essential tips that will help you to pick your best ice line!

Ice fishing can be tricky. It’s not easy to cast your line while the line has been sitting in freezing water for a long time. This is because as the temperature drastically falls, the reel freezes.

This can lead to some very disappointing results. Therefore you must choose an ice fishing line for smooth and fast casts.

Line choice depends on your target species, your ice fishing techniques, and the water clarity.

Looking at the dozens of brands and styles on display in the tackle store can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry, following our simple guidelines should help you to narrow down your ice fishing line options.

Our Reviews

Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure

The Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure is a small diameter braid which is the strongest and most durable ice braided line. Considering how thin this ice fishing line is, it’s hard to believe that it’s so strong!

To ensure that it remains strong in extremely ice fishing conditions and the abrasive nature of ice, this braided line is crafted under R8 precision braiding and fiber technology. Additionally, it’s composed of 7 Dyneema fibers plus 1 GORE fiber. Each inch has 32 weaves

The no stretch means that the line has excellent sensitivity for the easy detection of light bites. One of the criticisms of using braided lines for ice fishing is that they often retain water and freeze. However, this braided line is designed to repel water and resist ice build-up. It also has low memory which produces fewer line issues.

The highly visible neon lime hue is perfect for use as a mainline when you want to monitor how the ice line is behaving. Alternatively, you could go for the low visibility ghost color which is available in 4-30lb test strengths.

The only limitation with this line is the short 50-yard length.

This line is manufactured from using 8-fiber construction, 7 strands of Dyneema and 1 strand Gore performance fiber. The HPME is constructed to provide high sensitivity and strength for fishing.


  • Strongest and most durable small diameter ice braid
  • Fiber technology enhances line consistency and high sensitivity
  • The water-repellent resists freezing of the reel
  • Incredible fray and abrasion resistance
  • Strength is not lost in long periods of immersion in water


  • Not suitable for fishing in deep lakes
  • The 4lb is too stiff for light ice jigs

Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Lines

The Sufix Ice Magic Fishing Line allows for easy fishing in icy water. Like previous lines by Suffix, the Ice Braid line stays true to the brand by offering superior strength and abrasion resistance.

The most common way ice-fishing beginners lose a fish is by slicing their line on the ice. The strength of the Suffix Ice Braid strives to prevent slicing, making this line for ice fishing a fantastic choice for novice ice anglers.

The problem with most braided lines is their tendency to hold water and freeze. The Ice Magic is a seven braid line and is designed to be hydrophobic which allows for the shedding of water. The line’s hydrophobic qualities increase its workability in cold ice fishing conditions.

The previous Sufix 832 line is only available in up to 50-yard spools. This line by Suffix is available in up to 75-yard spools and you have the option of line strength in five different categories from 6lb to 30lb test.

Purchasing this ice line will provide you with a comfortable fishing experience. Its lightness and low density while in deeper water allows water penetration and enables the line to sink faster to make the ultimate catch.


  • Remains strong during freezing conditions
  • Prevents water absorption and ice-build up
  • Manageable in tricky weather conditions


  • It's not overly sensitive

SKYSPER Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

The Skysper Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line is made from imported Japanese nylon line.

The material of this brand is durable, strong and resists the hitting of obstacles in the water. Plus, the super low ductility provides high strength and low stretch which reduces any unnecessary vibration and resists fishing reefs and debris.

The Skysper blade mono fishing lines are suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater. This is the best line if you are looking for qualities that are perfect because they provide erosion resistance and this line won’t freeze!

This quality line is available in the colors white, black, blue and green and the sizes 10lb, 20lb and 30lb.

The Skysper Nylon line doesn’t pop or cause any backlashes whereas a lesser quality string will pop easily and have to be changed frequently! For trolling, this is the best bargain out there!


  • Excellent water resistance
  • Great buoyancy characteristics
  • Super low ductility
  • Low stretch
  • High strength
  • Suitable for machine quilting, crafts and stringing beads


  • Might be difficult to change lures

Berkley Fireline Micro Ice Fishing Line

The Berkley Fireline Micro Ice has a thin diameter and sturdier compared to the monofilament line. This fishing line is thin enough to perform smaller jigs and flexible enough to stand icy weather conditions. Plus, it’s strong enough to catch hefty fish like lake trout.

The line is virtually undetectable while on snow or ice and becomes nearly invisible while submerged in water. This is one of the best ice fishing lines because it provides exceptionally low visibility. Therefore, fish should not be spooked by it.

The low visibility makes it easier to catch fish in clear waters icy waters. The line maintains its strength and durability while repelling water and any stenches which might be in the fishing waters.

The Fireline Micro Ice also offers an improved knot for tying baits. This means your bait remains intact during fishing. With its low memory, the line doesn’t get tangled easily while on a spool. This feature means that you’re able to comfortably cast the line when you remove it from the spool.


  • Supple enough to stand cold weather
  • Strong enough to catch big gamefish
  • Improved clinch knot
  • Suitable for going micro fly fishing
  • The line doesn't tangle or snarl


  • This line sinks fast which is usually an attribute for warmer water
  • Not abrasion resistant

PowerPro Ice-Tec

Powerpro Ice-Tec line is manufactured with Enhanced Body Technology, which offers a smoother line with more body than you would find in ordinary Spectra-Fiber lines.

The sensitivity on this zero-stretch Ice-Tec line detects the smallest of sensations that are delivered directly to your hands. Plus the line is coated with Teflon for minimum water retention.

The blue line color maximizes visibility and it’s made from 100% Spectra Fiber.


  • 5lb test – 1lb diam.
  • 8lb test – 2lb diam
  • 10lb test – 2lb diam
  • 15lb test – 1lb diam


  • Less water retention
  • More flexibility
  • Super abrasion resistance
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Better knot performance


  • Not great in windy conditions

How to Choose The Best Ice Fishing Line

Before you get the best out of your shopping experience on Amazon for your new ice fishing line, make sure that it can withstand harsh conditions on the ice and is strong enough to defy fraying.

Here are the essential qualities to look out for when choosing your ice fishing line.

Types of Ice Fishing Lines

There are three types of fishing lines. All these line types have their advantages and disadvantages. To know which type to choose, you will need to consider the individual attributes.

Monofilament Ice Fishing Line

Monofilament is a famous go-to fishing line because it’s strong, durable, and more comfortable to handle in cold conditions. It has less memory than fluorocarbon; therefore, it presents fewer coils and tangles. Its low strength delivers solid hook sets and provides better control of your lures. They’re inexpensive; however, they’re not good at resisting abrasion and require frequent replacements.

Fluorocarbon Ice Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon fishing line is excellent for ice fishing. Fluorocarbon line has excellent invisibility in water and superior abrasion resistance. Fluorocarbon sinks rapidly and delivers excellent deep lures. The low stretch provides excellent sensitivity and bite detection. The downsides to fluorocarbon lines are its high memory and coiling, which is made worse by frigid weather.

Braided Ice Fishing Line

Braided line is an excellent choice because of its ultra-thin diameter, high strength, low memory, zero stretch, and incredible sensitivity. The downside to braided lines is that they’re highly visible to fish and are prone to ice build-up because they usually absorb water. This type of line is generally the go-to for fishing in deep waters or when fishing from warm ice shelters.

Ice Fishing Line vs Regular Line

Freezing temperatures and fishing lines are not a great match! That’s why it’s SO important to purchase an ice fishing line because a regular line is almost impossible to handle in cold water temperatures.

Abrasive Environments

The sharp edges of an ice hole can destroy a fishing line that’s not up to scratch. Ice fishing lines have abrasion resistance that prevents the shards of ice from damaging the line. The ice will sharpen as winter progresses, so keeping a nice clean line is essential.

Bite Sensitivity

Fish are less active in winter months. This means that you’ll need to look out for subtle and ultra-light bites. Monofilament ice fishing lines are fine. However braid, and fluorocarbon lines have the best sensitivity.

Stretch vs. No Stretch

Fluorocarbon has little bite compared to monofilament, therefore fluorocarbon is very sensitive. If the bite is subtle, fluorocarbon will excel. However, stretch can give your jigs a jittery action, therefore the pros and cons will depend on what you’re doing. Braid is great for deep water jigging because it has no stretch and therefore makes for a great mainline.


Extremely cold weather has the effect of making standard fishing lines freeze up, become brittle and snap. Make sure that your ice fishing line has a water-repellant coating so it doesn’t absorb water. Choosing a line in brands that remains supple in cold temperatures and is easy to handle.

Friction Strength

Ice fishing lines endure a lot of friction, which can lead to fraying and breakages. Great ice lines are built from strong fibers and technology which provide excellent abrasion resistance. These lines won’t weaken when consistently being dragged across the jagged edge of the ice hole when lifting a fish.


Choose a line with a pound test rating that will work with the ice fishing rod and lure weights that you’ll be using. This combination must be capable of lifting your desired fish species.


Neon lines in hues of orange, green and red are great for detecting light bites because you can watch the action of the line. If you’re fishing for species that are spooked by a bright line, opt for an invisible fluorocarbon line.


Equipping your arsenal with the best ice fishing line will ensure that you have successful fishing expeditions every time you decide to brave the ice.

After testing and evaluating the top five picks in this review, I’ve chosen the Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Line.

Not only is the line thin for low visibility, but it’s also 3x stronger compared to monofilament. Plus, the Sufix Ice Braid Fishing Line is available in various sizes from 6-30lbs and comes in a 75 yard spool.

Plus, the strength of this line is incredible. Sufix successfully prevents slicing. This is a fantastic ice fishing line that’s suited to all skill levels.

A close second is the Sufix 832 Ice Braid Fishing Lure. It has all of the amazing qualities of our winner but unfortunately, the 50-yard length isn’t suitable for deep water fishing.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below!

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