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Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Last Updated: April 2024
Nancy Perry
Product Review by Nancy Perry

Spending a long time filleting fish with an ineffective electric fish fillet knife is messy, dangerous, and unnecessary.

If you’ve been there, you’ll understand the frustration. If you’re there now, we’re going to solve your problem.

Filleting is a task that requires energy and your full attention. If you want to avoid hand fatigue, make sure that you’ve invested in the best electric fillet knives for you.

The blades on an electric fillet knife are razor-sharp and require less maintenance than manual fish fillet knives.

Before you purchase the best electric fillet knife, you must check first if it meets the specifications outlined in this fillet knife review.

As always, we’re going to provide you with a buyers guide as well as our top 5 electric fish fillet knives in 2019.

By the time you reach the recap, we’re confident you’ll have identified what is the best electric fish fillet knife for your needs.

Our Reviews

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

The Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife has a lightweight, comfortable handle for excellent control and maneuverability.

The quick and convenient blade release teamed with the blade’s razor-sharpness provides fast and easy filleting. Plus, the maximum cutting cycles of Mister Twister get the job done, and quickly!

I was pleasantly surprised by the significant control and speed. I could fillet smaller fish considerably quicker compared to using regular fillet knives thanks to the powerful yet quiet motor.

I’ve used Mister Twister to clean some large Salmon and Lakers, and I was impressed from start to finish. The Mister Twister’s trigger is well designed and easy to push, and the knife zips through even the toughest cuts.

Mister Twister could improve my switching the coil cord to a long straight cord. However, this can easily be adapted by using an extension cord.


  • Heavy-duty gears
  • Budget friendly
  • Great safety lock
  • Powerful
  • Excellent control
  • Quiet motor


  • Coil cord in Mister Twister is short
  • Overheats
  • Simple

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

This 110V Bubba Electric Fillet Knife is ergonomically designed to fit your hands. The iconic Bubba non-slip grip allows for hours of easy fish cleaning and filleting. This electric fillet knife includes four blade styles that reflect Bubba’s renowned tapered flex and stiff fillet knives. The Bubba blade options are a 7″ e-flex blade, 9 “e-flex blade, 9″ e-stiff blade and a 12” e-stiff blade. The fantastic combination of two flexible blades and two stiff blades allow for filleting any size fish at any time.

Bubba has created a uniquely designed ventilation for maximized motor transmission output to provide you with efficient and precise cuts in these phenomenal cordless electric fillet knife.

All of the Bubba blades are constructed out of high-carbon stainless steel and finished with a titanium nitride coating. These high-quality materials make the blades corrosion resistant and allow the meat to slide off the electric knife. Plus, this cordless electric knife has a safety lock and trigger guard for ultimate usability and security. Being cordless, you don’t have to worry about the power cord.

This is the best electric fillet knife that comes in a high-quality, stylish, and all-weather carrying case that’s been designed with removable internal sections for storage and cleaning.

If you have the cash to spend on a top-end 110v electric fillet knife, buy this one! If you can, cordless is the way to go. If you go cordless, that means no more searching for an old extension cord or heaving around a lead-acid battery. This Li-ion cordless electric fillet knife is perfect for camping with friends and picnic with family, as you no longer have to worry about how long you can use it for fish cleaning and filleting until you’re out of fish.

The battery life is incredible on this Bubbba blade. I cleaned 85 Crappie and still had two bars remaining on the lithium-ion battery. You know when a product is designed by a fishing captain, it works better than most electric knives. For more information on electric fillet knives, see this Electric Fillet Knife Review.


  • Four blade styles included
  • Corrosion resistant blades
  • Safety lock and trigger guard for ultimate security
  • Cordless
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comes with a fashionable and durable storage case with removable sections
  • Includes 2 lithium ion batteries


  • May not be difficult for smaller hands
  • Not a budget pick especially with its grip handle feature and battery life

American Angler PRO Electric Sportsmen's Kit

This American Angler PRO Electric Sportsmen’s Kit has twice the torque and 4X the lifespan than most heavy-duty electric fillet knives. Therefore, you’ll never be slowed down by big bones.

The Superior Drive Train allows for comfortable filleting thanks to its superior drive train mechanism and design that creates a smooth and efficient axel rotation. Additionally, the advanced airflow design keeps the ergonomic handset cool for hours of continuous filleting.

This kit includes one 10″ saltwater blade, one 5,5″ curved tip blade, one 8″ curved tip blade replacement, one 10″ heavy-duty shark blade replacement and one 8″ heavy-duty shark blade replacement.

I recommend this knife to anybody that catches and cleans lots of fish; I love the longer cord, comfortable handling, and selection of blades.

The Electric Fillet Knife handset is compatible with all variations of American Angler replacements including the 8-Inch Curved Replacement Blade and the 8-Inch Curved Replacement Shark Blade.

This knife is ideal for cutting through tough redfish scales and bones, cleaning catfish, cleaning muskies, and cutting everything ranging from the largest tuna to the smallest bream.


  • Handset remains cool during long periods of use
  • Superior Drive Train provides extended lifespan
  • Torque provides smooth and consistent filleting
  • Perfect for experienced and frequent anglers
  • Versatile use due to the multi-tool function
  • Excellent chord length


  • Not budget friendly

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Knife has a flexible blade for gliding through the rib and backbones of medium-sized fish. Also, the blade is perfect for peeling fillets down the skin of fish.

However, if you have a heavy hand, you’ll need to be delicate otherwise you’ll cut right through the backbone.

This heavy-duty electric knife has 7.5-inch dishwasher reciprocating blades which, according to the manufacturer, has twice the speed and three times the power of its competitors.

Rapala’s custom airflow design allows the motor to run cool and quiet. Additionally, the knife features an impressive 8-ft long power cord, and the handle has a comfortable grip for fatigue-free filleting.

The speed and power of this 7.5″ blade make fast work of walleye, salmon, trout and other large fish.

Lastly, this knife comes with a black sheath with a loop that attaches to your belt. Additionally, the single-stage sharpener keeps your edges razor sharp on-the-go.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable grip
  • Power cord provides plenty of reach
  • Safety button to prevent accidents
  • 2x more power than standard electric knives


  • Stiff on first use
  • Cord is hard to navigate around

American Angler Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife

The Pro Titanium Coated Angler Electric Fillet Knife is a high-capacity, powerful and stainless steel precise knife that offers stainless steel durability that can’t be matched by under-powered, short-lived knives. You can also purchase Replacement blades.

The Professional Series interior 40mm motor and Fanjet Air System minimizes heat buildup. The titanium coated Pro Titanium develops double the torque of rival heavy duty electric knife brands and provides quadruple the service life.

The transmission system is crafted with naval brass and SASA polymers to drive an 8″L, 420 stainless steel blade with a durable TiCN titanium-carbon nitride coating. This achieves maximum cutting power and speed with the pro series motor and superior drive train components.

I enjoyed the Santoprene™ ergonomic grip-pad handle that remains cool to the touch during long periods of heavy usage. I found the heavy-duty Pro Titanium durable, plenty of power, and comfortable to use thanks to its fiber-reinforced nylon housing.

My one gripe with this titanium coated electric knife is the price. If you want to expand your arsenal, for an extra $20, I suggest investing in the American Pro Sportsmen’s Kit.

However, the Pro Titanium has an 8″ heavy-duty power cord with a 120V plug. The cable also has a handy loop at the base for tidy use, and a ventilated nylon mesh storage case with an airflow design keeps the device cool and running smoothly to help it last longer. This really is better than most American angler electric fillet blades and you’ll be able to fillet like a pro with this shark blade.


  • Fanjet Air System minimizes heat buildup
  • Cool-to-touch Santoprene Grip Pad
  • Useful hanging loop
  • Fantastic precision and durability
  • Titanium Coated Durable Stainless Steel
  • Includes advanced airflow design nylon storage case


  • Not budget friendly
  • Less uses than the American Pro Sportsmen's Kit

What is the Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

Before I begin, here are three basic functionalities that you electric knife needs;

  • Your knife will be able to clean off skin and slice through meat smoothly
  • Your knife will have a durable blade, made from sturdy material like stainless steel that doesn’t bend or break
  • You will benefit from a knife that provides blade length options that you can adjust depending on the size and species of fish you’re cleaning

Buyers Guide

Let’s break down the specifics, here’s a detailed buyers guide, divided into sections, to help you make your choice.

Feel free to mix and match the qualities to choose which knife is best for you.

Blade Material

Stainless steel is the most popular and conventional material choice because it’s non-corrosive and won’t rust when exposed to water.

Plus, stainless steel is durable; therefore, it won’t dull or weaken during extended periods of use on crappie and catfish.

I encourage you to purchase a knife with a stainless steel blade. If you’re considering an electric fish fillet knife without a stainless steel blade, please do your research for your safety.

Length of the Blade

The ideal blade length is dependant on the type and size of fish that you’re cleaning. Big fish need long blades, and small fish need short blades.

Typically, blade lengths range from between 5″ to 10″ with a plethora of variations available depending on the species.

Still not sure?

You should consider the American Angler PRO Sportsmen’s Kit or the Bubba Li-ION Cordless Electric Fillet Knife; both include additional blade sizes.

Variable Speed

You won’t need full speed all of the time, therefore being able to increase and decrease the momentum allows for more precision and improves safety.


Corded fillet knives are excellent for use indoors however cordless fillet knives are fantastic for use in remote locations.

Are you concerned about battery life? Don’t be, the cordless model that I reviewed had an incredible lifespan and had two bars remaining after a long cleaning session.

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

  • The blade does the hard work while your power concentrates on gripping the handle unlike manual fillet knives
  • The electric fillet knife draws its power from the blades that are triggered by an electric motor
  • Electric knives usually come in a set with various size blades. Therefore, the blades last longer and the sizes you more options for types of fish
  • Working on a large quantity of fish will take less time and less effort
  • They cut cleanly without leaving jagged edges. The sharp edges allow the blades to slice through effortlessly
  • The blades are made from durable stainless steel which doesn’t corrode easily

How to Fillet a Fish With an Electric Knife

Before you start filleting, some characteristics make fish unsuitable for electric filleting.

  • Fish that are soft and oily won’t fillet, and the meat will stick to the bones
  • Fish that have a lot of small pin bones will benefit from a precise tool that removes the bones
  • Fish with big heads create a bend through the body which can be hard to fillet with straight, electric blades
  • Cartilaginous fish will result in the blade cutting into the spine rather than skating across the surface

Have you identified that your fish is suitable for electric filleting? If so, it’s time to get started.

  1. Make an incision starting at the base of the head and ending behind the pelvic fins. Make sure that you angle your blade, so it cuts towards the front of the fish for maximized meat production
  2. Once the blade stops at the spine, do a 90-degree turn towards the tail with the blades engaged as you turn
  3. Slice towards the tail with the knife-edge angled down to allow the knife to skate across the spine. Keep the knife parallel to the cutting board and don’t hold the handle higher or lower than the incision or you will lose meat.
  4. Cut through the skin at the end
  5. Flip the fish over and repeat
  6. Remove the skin by holding the end with your finger while cutting. Turn the knife and hold it flat to the cutting board while cutting all of the way to the other end of the fish
  7. Follow the contour of the ribs to remove from the fillet
  8. Repeat on the other side
  9. Feel the fish to check if there are any bones remaining. If there are any small chips of the spine stuck to the center of the fillet, clean them up with a sharp knife.
  10. Rinse with cold water, pat them dry and store appropriately.


Congratulations, you’ve learned how to pick the best electric fish knife and how to fillet and clean safely.

My top pick is the highly reputable 110V Bubba Electric Fillet Knife.

Bubba fillet knives have fantastic high-carbon stainless steel blades that are finished with a titanium nitride coating which provide corrosion resistance. Plus, the material composition allows the meat to slide off the blade.

Plus, this Bubba fillet knife includes two flexible blades and two stiff blades. The combination of flexible and stiff blades is fantastic because they allow for filleting any fish at any size.

The American Angler Pro Electric Sportsmen’s Kit also comes with four additional blades however Bubba beat them to the punch because their electric fillet knife is cordless.

The American Angler has a longer cord which is perfect for use indoors; however, it doesn’t compare to the cordless filleting freedom that the Bubba knife offers.

If you’re looking for an excellent budget option, go for the Mister Twister 120 V Electric Knife.

It’s small, lightweight, and easy to maneuver to make light work of precise cuts and cleaning corners.

It may look small, but it packs a punch thanks to its 120V motor.

I love hearing from you! Don’t forget to share your pick in the comments.

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